Jurgen Damm sets the networks on fire by trolling Chivas fans

The player made fun of the Flock fans by putting together a “healthy cheek” on his Facebook.

Jurgen Damm trolls Chivas fans on social media

By: Samuel Reyes

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Just after 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 18, Jurgen Damm posted on his verified Facebook page a video of a Chivas fan wearing his jersey and hitting the wall while crying.

“I received a video of the incahermanos, who walk like this,” he wrote and the reactions were immediate with more than ten thousand, and one thousand nine hundred and fifty comments in addition to being shared one thousand three hundred and twenty-six times.


Comments of all kinds rained down on him, from responses in favor and insults, but also those who rhetorically reminded him that he spends time on the bench.

Among the many comments he responded to is one where that situation stands out. “That I didn’t play, that I don’t know how to send centers, etc etc etc but I put up with and respect each and every one of his comments,” the player wrote.

“If they want to interact with pleasure, we do it but they must endure and that it always be with respect and education. Greetings”, can be read in the message history.

Only twenty minutes later he published another message, which also drew attention and, although with fewer reactions, it did go viral among the fans of America.

“Don’t get hooked, it’s a healthy cheek, when my beautiful Henry Cracktin’s oclayos were stung (which by the way was an assault) they celebrated it as a title and didn’t say anything,” read that second message on his Facebook.

“Now that I upload a healthy-funny video they get angry and outraged, don’t be skinny, you tell me everything and I’m not crying, it’s part of football, always with respect but above all in peace,” he closed the comment to which he Many messages arrived celebrating that he took the time to interact with the fans that got on the train of the National Classic that was played at the Azteca Stadium.


Summary l It’s cold at the top! America defeats Chivas and is the leader

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