Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo confesses serious state of health

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo constantly attracts attention for his artistic work, but for a few days, the famous sparked concern among his followers by making a series of statements in which he assures that his health is not good at all and that even his days are counted by the severity of various conditions you suffer from.

The famous offered an interview to the journalist Matilde Obregón for the YouTube platform and in it the comedian was honest about how his health has deteriorated in recent years, because although he has not paused in his artistic career, he has faced serious health problems.

The interpreter of Dr. Cándido Pérez assured that it all started when they detected a tumor in his left lung, since he had to undergo surgery that greatly impaired his quality of life.

They detected a tumor in my left lung, in the upper lobe, they removed everything”, said the famous, who confessed that the vices increased his health problems, since the cigarette also affected his health: “Because I have smoked 47 years of my life, I have COPD”, he expressed.

The actor explained that the cancerous tumor that was detected in his left lung affected him a lot, as other health problems were also triggered.

I appreciate the health I have, which is not good. It’s not good because it gave me cancer eight years ago, they detected a tumor in my left lung, in the upper lobe and they removed it completely, the lobe. That scare I went through caused me diabetes, I am diabetic and having smoked 47 years of my life, I have COPD, chronic lung disease“, said.

It is for this reason that Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo has had to go out in public with oxygen and although at 74 years of age he is willing to continue his treatments, the actor assures that due to his condition he believes that his days are numbered.

I am doomed to die suffocated one day because I won’t be able to breathe, that’s a sentence, it’s natural (…) Raúl Vale died of this, many friends died of lung cancer and I didn’t pay attention, so it was my turn“, he claimed.

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