Is love over? Mariana González confirms that she is separated from Vicente Fernández Jr. | VIDEO

In the last hours the names of Mariana Gonzalez Padilla and Vicente Fernandez Jr. have remained a trend in social networks because tit turned out that they would have ended their relationship Well, “The Mexican Kim Kardashian” published a video in which confirm their separation However, it was all a confusion because, although they are not currently together, it is not a breakup, so below we will tell you everything that really happened.

All this commotion of the supposed separation of “The Mexican Kim Kardashian” and Vicente Fernández Jr. originated from a video in which the businesswoman from Tepatitlán, Jalisco shared a video on her Instagram stories in which she explained that for a few days he has not been with Vicente Fernández because they had to separate for work reasons, nevertheless, The video was taken out of context and only the fragment began to circulate on networks where it “confirmed their separation”, but what he actually said was the following:

“What do you think? I had to put on my makeup, because tomorrow my chocolate will arrive, I’m already desperately waiting for it, it was my turn to do the production and For work we had to be separated, my sweetheart is in Colombia and I had to be in TulumThat’s why we couldn’t be in Las Vegas or anywhere we really wanted to go to the fight,” said the businesswoman.

At another point in her video, Mariana González Padilla assured that it will be this Monday, September 19, when she finally meets with Vicente Fernández Jr. and announced that they will take a well-deserved break because the last few months were full of intensity due to the recordings of “Rica, Famosa, Latina”, the program that marked the debut of the businesswoman on television that is about to be released.

“As soon as I finish work, now I’m on vacation.You see me relaxed, but ask Vicente, my sisters, It was two months of anxiety, two months of costumes, two months of everything, I spent it in the spa, in my hair, didn’t you see? I have so much to thank, many people who were my support for this project, thank you, thank you, thank you”, concluded Mariana González.

Vicente Fernández Jr. and Mariana González have been in a relationship for more than two years. IG: vicentefdzjr9

For its part, Vicente Fernández Jr. published a photograph in which he appears in a total black outfit that made him look more than distinguished and to accompany his postcard he wrote “I miss you my life” and tagged Mariana González, so it was more than clear that still more in love than ever and focused on their respective work projects.

It is worth mentioning that, since a few months ago, The couple confirmed that they do intend to reach the altar, however, they pointed out that they wanted to wait for “the right moment” to become husband and wifewhich has been interpreted by the couple’s fans as a sign that they will wait for at least a year after the unfortunate death of Vicente Fernández, so It has been speculated that the media couple could reach the altar at some point in 2023.


Mariana González raises the temperature with a daring transparent outfit: PHOTO

The Fernández family worried? They fear that Vicente Jr. will give part of his father’s inheritance to Mariana González

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