‘In Mexico I am Peruvian and in Peru I am Mexican’Mediotiempo

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Santiago Ormeno is ready to start a new stage with the Peruvian National Team, which is now led by Juan Reynoso, coach who was champion at the head of Cruz Azul, curiously against Mexico on September 24 in a friendly to be played in Pasadena.

However, the continuity of the striker in the Inca representative both by the press and by fans, who point out that he was born in Mexico City, a fact that still seems curious to him, since Chivas fans also question him playing with another team.

Asked about how his adaptation to Deportivo Guadalajara is going, Ormeño commented to Soccer in America: “It has not been easy, they know that it is a team that plays with pure Mexicans and I, for playing in the Peruvian national team, for them I am Peruvian. I’m actually Peruvian and Mexican. Yes it has been difficult, but it is part of the process. In Mexico I am Peruvian and in Peru I am Mexicanbut it’s something you have to deal with.”

Do you have an advantage for knowing Reynoso?

On the other hand, he ruled out that Juan Reynoso’s knowledge of his qualities having coincided in Puebla be an advantage in the search for minutes with the representative, although he admitted that it is a good incentive.

“I am very happy to be part of it. It is a new beginning and we hope this new process will be magnificent. I already know Reynoso, he has directed me, but I think that does not influence anything. I hope to continue and be able to give my best, as it always has been.”

In this call Ormeño will have it more complicated, since Raúl Ruidíaz returns, who was not summoned by Ricardo Gareca.

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