Improve quality of life exercise, healthy eating and quitting smoking

Ciudad Juarez, Chih. – The Municipal Government Health Directorate informs the community about the benefits of implementing a healthy lifestyle with exercise routines, healthy eating and giving up smoking, which reduces the risk of suffering from various diseases.

The director of Health, Daphne Santana Fernández, commented that the COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to stay at home and have a sedentary lifestyle, therefore, she urged the community to resume activities that help improve their state of health. .

He said that citizens can do exercise routines in parks or public spaces, or opt for light physical activity such as walking or stretching, which will improve blood circulation and muscle activity.

In addition, complementing physical exercise with a healthy diet is important to prevent and combat diseases, so you should eat a variety of foods and include fruits and vegetables, reduce salt intake, eat moderate amounts of fats and oils, limit the use of sugar , hydrate with enough water and avoid alcohol consumption.

The official commented that smoking is a habit that increases the risk of contracting various diseases due to impaired lung function, so this habit should be avoided.

By considering a healthy lifestyle that integrates the above recommendations, citizens reduce the risks of suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cancer, control their weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the official commented.

Bulletin of the Municipal Presidency of Juárez

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