How to request a refund of your BBVA card annuity

When taking out a credit card and signing the contract, the advisor must explain to you about the different payments, whether for commissions, insurance or annuities. In most plastics they charge them, some do not, but they are few. These charges can be annual or monthly.

In case of canceling your credit card by the BBVA bank, and having already made the annuity payment, it can be reimbursed if it meets certain requirements. This way they will return the money for the months that you did not use your card, for this you must go personally to the bank and carry out a series of steps, here we tell you what they are.

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Can you request a refund for the annuity of the months you did not use when canceling your card?

For BBVA bank customers who have canceled their credit card and have already been charged the annuity and other fees on their card, they can request a refund as long as it is the following situation. When it is more than 30 days that are owed from the annuity.

For this, the following calculation must be made:

The amount of the annuity between 365 days of the year, the result will be the amount of annuity per day. This must be multiplied by the number of days that the card has not been used, such as:

If you pay $1,000 pesos annuity on your card, you divide this amount by 365 days, which is equivalent to $2.73 pesos. If there were still 6 months left on your card, you are going to multiply that by 180. So your refund should be approximately $493 pesos.

How to request a refund of your expired annuity?

Once the process of canceling your card is finished, you must go to your bank with the folio that they have provided you, as well as bring the original and a copy of your identification. In many cases the process can take up to 7 business days before your refund is issued.

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