How to ask Google to send an alert when there is an earthquake or any emergency

Android devices have a built-in feature that alerts users when an earthquake is about to strike in their area.
Android devices have a built-in feature that alerts users when an earthquake is about to strike in their area.

Smartphones that operate with the system Android have a functionality that allows users to be notified that a earthquake it approaches your location seconds before movement occurs at your locations. Although not much, this small advantage can make a difference in disasters and could save lives.

That is why, if the people who use these devices live in areas where earthquakes are common, it is recommended to activate this feature so that your telephone act like alarm prevention in these cases.

In order to activate the option earthquake alertsexclusive to smartphones Android without resorting to Applications of third parties, people will have to follow these steps:

– Open the menu Settings either Setting.

– Search option security and emergency of the smartphone

– In case the device allows it, the user can also search for the word “earthquake” in the settings menu to speed up the process.

– Within the Security and emergency menu of the device, you can find the option Wireless emergency alertswhich must be entered with a click.

– Once in the section, a series of buttons will be presented that can be activated: extreme threats, serious threats, AMBER alerts, among others. At this point users can activate the first three. Test alerts are optional.

In addition, within the options, the possibility of play an alarm only once or several times if necessary within a time interval that can vary between 2 and 15 minutes

During a disaster situation such as an earthquake, people will seek contact with loved ones and family members once the earthquake has passed. However, it is very likely that the communications infrastructure has been affected, so making a call or sending a text message can be difficult.

That is why the devices Android they have the possibility of establishing emergency contacts in cases of danger. For this you will need:

– Enter the Settings menu and click on the Security and emergencies option.

– Within this section, you can see an option called Emergency Contacts in which you can search, by name, for the contacts in the phone book and choose as many as you want to be part of this group.

Android emergency location service
Android emergency location service

In addition, in order to add another aspect of security for users, they can activate the emergency locator service. To access this option, you must enter the Configuration menu, then click on Location and enter the Settings section. location services.

With this feature activated, the people selected as part of the emergency contacts they will receive the user’s location when they want to make a call or send a message. The emergency services They will also be able to receive this information automatically, although it depends on the availability of each country.

These options and paths to the mentioned options may vary slightly depending on the type of device that users have and the version of the Android operating system that they have installed on their smartphones.

In the case of some countries, these routes are not available due to the fact that they have a wireless alert system, as is the case of Peru and its SISMATE system, implemented by the country’s Ministry of Transport and Communications.


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