FILTER who are the THREE FINALISTS of the season


Find out here who are the three competitors who will reach the final of Survivor Mexico 2022

FINALISTS of Survivor Mexico 2022
© Instagram @survivormexicoFINALISTS of Survivor Mexico 2022

Start the countdown to the grand finale of Survivor, next September 24; this week there will be one eliminated for each day, only the strongest and those who have put together a better strategy will reach the last challenge. this time, andWho are the three FINALISTS of Survivor Mexico 2022 have been leaked.

After the controversial departure of Yusefwho warned that the next few days there will be more betrayals and even revealed the name of one of the finalists. In addition, several pages They have told who will be the first to leave this last week.

Which participants are heading to the final of Survivor Mexico 2022?

Who are the 3 FINALISTS of Survivor Mexico 2022?

Single three survivors will make it to the Grand Final of Survivor Mexico 2022. It was the Instagram account @survexa_party, in charge of filtering spoilers from various reality shows, who announced the list of finalists:

The three survivors have the most symbols, Nahomi has 4 symbols (including the one Yusef gave him), Julián has 3 symbols and Kenta has 2 symbols.

The rumor that Nahomi would be the first finalist has been going around for days, so is emerging as one of the favorites to winbut nothing is written yet.

How and where to see the GRAND FINAL of Survivor Mexico 2022?

The final of Survivor Mexico 2022 would be on September 24, 2022 at 8PM through the Azteca UNO signal, since we remember that starting Monday On September 26, the new season of Exatlón México will begin.

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