Fercasy Clinic, advances in body aesthetic medicine in the hands of professionals

Fercasy Clinic, advances in body aesthetic medicine in the hands of professionals

The Fercasy Clinic manages to repair damage, reduce measurements or restore firmness to the silhouette with the best care in body aesthetic medicine.

Founded and directed by Dr. Raquel Fernández de Castro, this center, located in Madrid, specializes in all kinds of treatments to improve the image of its patients, without sacrificing its natural appearance.

Known as Dr. Fercasy, the specialist has complemented her training as a graduate in medicine, with studies in surgery and psychiatry in Marseille, France and a specialization in aesthetic medicine in the University of the Balearic Islands. Likewise, his fruitful career has been recognized with the award for Best Doctor in the area of ​​aesthetic medicine in Spain in 2019, awarded by the organization Premios de Medicina Siglo XXI.

Safe treatments for a slim and toned figure

On the clinic’s website, users find a wide variety of body aesthetic treatments, applied by Fernández De Castro and a high-level medical team. To comment, a first diagnostic appointment can be booked on-line for professionals to study the case and recommend the best treatment.

Those who seek to eliminate localized fat that has been resistant to exercise and diets or suffer from hormonal problems have the Fat-Ox treatment. It involves the application of injections with substances capable of destroy fat tissue cells.

To improve the quality of skin that has lost volume and shows cellulite and flaccidity, mesotherapy is a very effective solution.

The Drena-Ox service consists of 5 or 10 mesotherapy sessions, a technique based on the injection of injections with antioxidant agents such as sweet clover, artichoke, polypeptides, mineral solutions and other regenerating, detoxifying and cell restructuring products. Each session is combined with pressotherapy, as well as lymphatic drainage massages.

Radiofrequency, tensor threads and the application of compounds aimed at strengthening the dermis come together in the package Body Firming as another comprehensive treatment to achieve the dream silhouette. Many more options to show off a proportionate and healthy body are available to patients.

A professional, minimally invasive and safe job

Trusting Dr. Raquel Fernández and her team of professionals is putting yourself in the hands of experts. The quality of the products, the most modern devices and, above all, the close treatment of the doctors in the aesthetic area constitute the perfect combination to access their effective and safe treatments in body aesthetics.

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