Eugenio Derbez reappears after his accident: “I couldn’t stand the pain”

(CNN Spanish) — The Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez reappeared publicly through a live broadcast on his official Instagram account this Sunday to disclose details of his health and thank his followers for showing affection after undergoing surgery for an accident in which he fractured some bones in his shoulder at the end of August.

The actor reported that the accident occurred when he tripped and fell on some steps while practicing a virtual reality game with his son.

Derbez also said that, during the first two weeks after the surgery, he was practically asleep due to the medicines he received to combat the severe pain he still suffers.

After the fall, the actor asked to go quickly to the hospital. There they tried to accommodate his arm, he said that he began “to scream like crazy because he couldn’t stand the pain” and then they decided to anesthetize him.

Derbez shared that he consulted an expert later on. “The specialist told me that they could not operate on me because the injury was so serious that they had to reconstruct my arm, I had five large fractures and about ten small ones,” he said.

The actor explained that the accident occurred one day before returning home and after an intense period of work, for which he said he felt happy but very tired: “Although I was happy because of so much work, I felt a little suffocated, I I felt like I was in a prison, suddenly without being able to have a life.” He added: “Somehow it was the universe or maybe my soul asking to stop.”

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