El Chavo del 8: “The Witch of 71” went from being a diva of the Cine de Oro to dying of an addiction

Maria de los Angeles Fernandez Abad, best known for her character “Doña Clotilde, the Witch of 71”, in the series “El Chavo del 8”was a renowned actress during the time of the Mexican Gold Cinema. After living the Spanish Civil War and see how Francisco Franco took power, in 1947 she decided to leave her country to take refuge in Mexico, a nation that would cover her with glory thanks to her magnificent performances and particular beauty.

For many years I enjoy the magic of mexican cinemasharing success with period actors and actresses in big productions, working in teletheaters and also in radio programs in the mythical station XEW. But the character that made her travel part of the world was that of the beloved “Witch of 71”that annoying neighbor, snoopy and stiff, and that at any opportunity harassed “Don Ramón” to get married or ask him out. Ramón Valdés, who gave life to “Don Ramón”, was the one who helped her enter the project of Roberto Gomez Bolanos.

with that character “El Chavo del 8”, a production by Gómez Bolañostoured many Latin American countries reaping the successes of his long career in the show.

Angelines Fernández and Ramón Valdés were great friends. Photo: Special

The tragic death of “Doña Clotilde”

It is already 28 years since the death of Angelines Fernández. On March 25, 1994, “Doña Clotilde”, victim of a long cigarette smoking addictionHe died of lung cancer.

For years Angelines Fernández suffered from the evils of constantly smoking at home or workplaces and despite the fact that the doctors warned her about the horrors of consuming cigarettes, the talented actress continued. According to several sites, one of the last wishes of the actress was to be buried next to her dear friend, Ramon Valdesfor which the two rest in the Mausoleos del Ángel cemetery in Mexico.

And although it was rumored for many years that there was a romance between them, the reality is that they had great affection for each other, but nothing ever happened between them. The daughter of Angelines Fernandez He confessed to national media that they were always great friends.


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