Eight dams in the state are at 100%

Chihuahua— Eight of the ten main dams in the state are at one hundred percent of their storage capacity or above it after the heavy rainy season, as reported yesterday by Conagua. While La Boquilla, the entity’s largest, reached 79 percent storage. This would guarantee two cycles of irrigation up to one hundred percent for at least two years, even in drought scenarios, and this if the water remains stored, highlighted the farmer and part of the water defense movement, Víctor Velderrain.

Although during 2021 it was possible to irrigate only 25 percent of the crops, and in this 2022 the agricultural cycle was 40 percent, it is expected that in 2023 and with the levels of water that the dams have stored, it will be possible to authorize the one hundred percent, which is a hopeful outlook for the state’s agriculture, which is why the authorities have been asked to carry out good planning and administration of this resource.

“This can help us to have at least two complete cycles; 2023 and 2024, with one hundred percent of our crops. Guaranteed in case we don’t have years of rain. But it is always important, and hopefully, that it continues to rain next year so that we continue to have insurance for the years to come. Above all, that the water that we have stored in the dams is also respected and that what happened two years ago is not tried again,” said Velderrain, recalling the conflict that took place in the La Boquilla dam in 2020.

He pointed out that although the expectation was that the Nozzle would reach one hundred percent of its capacity, this seems less feasible, so it is rather expected that there will be a slight drop in levels.

“There will probably be a small decrease in the end of September due to the water that is being extracted again to finish the agricultural cycle that ends the last of September. On this day the valves are completely closed and the water must be stored until the next cycle and authorization will be requested again from Conagua for the indicated percentage that will be used for agriculture. Obviously there is a small percentage of loss due to leaks and evaporation in the dams, but that is already contemplated as every year”, he specified.

On the subject of the international water treaty between Mexico and the United States, he pointed out that progress has been made through runoff, and that it increased when the doors of the Granary were opened, which will be paid for. What the farmers understand, so the message to the authorities was that communication prevails, and decisions are made from this moment in order not to make them in a hurry and maintain good use of water resources to prevent any type of conflict.


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