Dos Bocas, a water park that is sinking between cost overruns and incompetence: Julen Rementería

The coordinator of the senators of the National Action Party, Julen Rementería del Puerto, lamented a new flooding of the Olmec refineryknown as two mouthsin Tabasco, and assured that this magnum opus of the federal government has become a “water park” and an offering to the cost overruns and corruption of the Fourth Transformation.

“According to López Obrador, the cost overrun is because the equipment, the construction of a gas pipeline, as well as integrating petrochemical plants were not contemplated. And now what are they going to tell us or judge, that the flood occurred because there was not enough drainage?

In a statement, Rementería del Puerto lashed out that it is useless for the Secretary of Energy to clarify at the point of “twittazos” and brief communications that the Refinery in Dos Bocas it floods every so often, but it dries up very quickly, if at the end of the day, “this problem will always be happening due to lack of adequate infrastructure and planning that will contemplate the rainy season” in this region of southeastern Veracruz.

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Not only will it cost us twice as much, but it also has severe flooding problems, he accuses

The senator from Veracruz reproached that the work that “tentatively” is going to cost us 16 billion dollars, suffers from an alarming cost overrun of more than 100 percent of its original project, since the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his cabinet lied to us Mexicans by assuring us in May 2019 that it would cost 8 billion pesos. “Now, not only will it cost us twice as much, but it also has severe flooding problems,” he said.

He highlighted that the photographs of the flooded Dos Bocas refinery have become a trend in the social networksand recalled that just because of the topic of floodthe Federal Government reversed the project of the New International Airport in Mexico (NAIM) in Texcoco.

“The Dos Bocas Refinery is not working yet, but we are already seeing what a disaster it is. A new work there, in that region of Tabasco, knowing all of Mexico how it rains there”, he said.

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Rementería del Puerto recalled that the refinery was inaugurated on July 1 by López Obrador, the Secretary of Energy, Rocio Nahle and by means of the cabinet and special guests, because “it was urgent” to show off to the country a “white elephant” that today has become an “authentic manatee.”

“It was a work done in a hurry: in a hurry, without planning, without environmental and technical studies on the viability of the work. We have as an act of faith and a catalog of goodwill that in 2023 or in the near future it will begin refining 340,000 barrels of oil per day, but in the meantime, Mother Nature has shown us that there are structural and underlying flaws in this work. carried out by pure presidential whim”, he concluded.

The photos of Dos Bocas totally dry

After it was circulated on social networks that Dos Bocas had supposedly been flooded on the night of September 15, the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle, shared photographs of this refinery without damage.

The federal official highlighted that the photographs of the Olmeca refinery, in Tabasco, were taken yesterday afternoon-night.

In the images, the facilities of this refinery are observed in order and without water, as could be seen in photos shared through Twitter.

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