Day of extraordinary collapses in Week 2 of the NFL

The Browns, Ravens and Raiders combined to allow for historic comebacks on a day that confirmed to us that, “This isn’t over until it’s over.”

A week ago, we talked about how, on any given Sunday, all kinds of unexpected situations happen in the NFLregarding the surprising markers at the start of the regular season.

Now, the lesson leaned toward never trusting the favorable score, whatever time remains on the game clock and whatever lead is protected, on any given Sunday.

According to data from ESPN Analyticsthe cleveland browns They had a 99.9 percent chance of winning over the New York Jets in FirstEnergy Stadium when, with 2:09 left in regulation time, Kareem Hunt was taken off the field at the 12-yard line of the jets after a 12-yard gain, with the Brown’s up 24-17.

Those odds dropped to 99.8 percent when the clock struck 1:55 and Joe Flacco throwing a 9-yard pass to Tyler Conklin after what Nick Chub scored a touchdown that made the score 30-17 in favor of clevelandwith an extra point missed, and returned possession to the jets.

A few moments before, Baltimore Ravens enjoyed a 98.7 probability of winning, according to ESPN Analyticsto overcome the Miami Dolphins in the M&T Bank Stadiumwith 12:21 left in the fourth period when Tua Tagovailoa threw an incomplete pass to River Cracraft on second chance and 2, from the 2 yard of baltimorewith the dolphins down 35-14. One play later Tagovailoa insisted with Cracraft for the touchdown he put steeled to Miami at 35-21, but baltimore held very favorable statistical odds throughout most of the fourth quarter, including 98.7 percent with 7:58 remaining, and 73-1 percent with 2:05 remaining, when the ravens they were ahead, still, by 38-35.

Easy victories, right?

not in the week 2 of the NFL.

In clevelandthe jets They scored a touchdown in just two plays, and after recovering an onside kick, they took 10 more plays to punctuate another touchdown drive, the fourth touchdown drive of the day for skinnyto take the lead of the game for the first time with just 22 seconds left.

The New Yorkers put the final nail in the coffin two offensive plays later, when they intercepted Jacoby Brissette to steal a game that seemed impossible to win.

In baltimorethe ravens they could only add 3 points in the entire fourth period, and after the dolphins closed the gap to 35-21, the home team turned the ball over once on attempts, once on punt, and missed a pass attempt.’Ave Maria‘ after seeing Miami four touchdowns in the closing game, part of a six-pass performance for Tagovailoa. Since 2013, no team had scored at least 28 points in the fourth quarter until Miami got it this day.

According to ESPN Stats and Informationthe Brown’s on Sunday became the first team to lose by a 13-point lead in the final 2:00 of a game since 2001 when — surprise, surprise — the same Brown’s fell before the Chicago Bears. from that Week 9 of 2001 Until today, the teams of the NFL they had lost 2,229 straight games while trailing by at least 13 points in the final two minutes of a game.

On the other hand, neither team had ever won a game of NFL entering the fourth quarter down by 21 points or more from the Week 15 of 2010when the philadelphia eagles traced a marker similar to those New York Giantsaccording to ESPN Stats & Information. This Sunday, Miami he did it historically, with Jaylen Waddle Y Tyreek Hill becoming the first pair of teammates in league history to have at least 10 receptions, at least 150 passing yards and two touchdowns each in the same game, according to data from the Elijah Sports Bureau.

“Bad defenses lose football games,” the cornerback acknowledged. Marlon Humphrey of the ravens on his Twitter account at the end of the meeting.

Why don’t we angle this story towards the comebacks of winning teams, praising their resilience to bounce back after seemingly definitive setbacks? Because, for these types of comebacks to take place, the collaboration of the team that lets victory slip away is also needed. After playing so well for such a long period in the game, multiple mistakes add up in a short amount of time to ensure the door stays open for which team to come from behind, hence why we mention the post of Humphrey.

The collapses of Brown’s Y ravens were part of a nightmarish day for the teams of the AFC Northwith the Pittsburgh Steelers succumbing at home to the New England Patriotsand the Cincinnati Bengals falling from a dramatic signature with a last-second field goal on the visit, against the Dallas Cowboys.

In the big picture of things, at least no one lost ground in the race for the division title. For the time being, ravens (1-1), Brown’s (1-1) and Steelers (1-1) share the lead, just at the start of the competition, ahead of the Bengals (0-2), defending champions of the sector and of the entire AFC.

After all that, was there time for one more?

Yes, there was time for one more.

In the city of sin las vegas raiders presumed a probability of victory of 96.6 percent –according to the model of ESPN Analytics— Over the arizona cardinalswith 3:03 left to play in the Allegiant Stadium from Nevada.

At that time, the Cardinals faced a fourth chance and 1 yard to advance, at the 43-yard line of Las Vegas, down 23-15, after trailing the entire game, including 23-7 midway through the final period of regulation. From the 7:51 mark of the second period to the 3:51 mark of the fourth period, the odds of victory for the raiders according to the model of ESPN Analytics never got below 90 percent. In fact, Arizona did not score points in the first half.

But the Cardinals they had some magic stored. To get closer 23-15, Kyler Murray he became Harry Houdini on the 2-point conversion, buying an eternity of time and backing up the field, moving from side to side, until he found a path that took him straight into the end zone to close the gap to a touchdown. According to Next Gen Stats, Murray He rushed for 84.9 yards on the play, the most on a 2-point conversion since NGS carries that data (2016), and yes, in a play where the ball is centered from the 2-yard line.

After a series of six moves and clearance of Las Vegas, Arizona went back to work with Murray re-entering the end zone on the run 20 plays later, running out the entire game clock with a 3-yard touchdown run after surviving three fourth downs on possession. For the final conversion of 2 points, already out of game time, Murray threw a dart at AJ Green in the final zone, tying the score and sending the duel to extra time.

One more time, Murray was ready to answer on fourth chance, but Marquis Brown dropped a perfect pass that would have kept Arizona. Fortunately for the visitors, the raiders They were very attentive to their guests.

Hunter Renfrow he lost a ball that he providentially recovered Foster Moreauand then Derek Carr threw a simple interception at the hands of Jalen Thompson, which he dropped. One play later Carr completed another pass to Renfrowwho lost it again, and now he did collect Arizona to the third, with Byron Murphy Jr. returning the ball 59 yards to the end zone to put an end to the comeback.

According to ESPN Stats & Informationthe Cardinals they were the first team to win thanks to a fumble returned for a touchdown in overtime since 2014.

And, in case history was missing week 2Data of Elijah Sports Bureau indicate that this Sunday was the first day that multiple teams won games that were trailing at halftime by at least 20-point deficits on the same day, thanks to the exploits of Cardinals Y dolphins. According to Next Gen Stats of the NFL, there have been 17 instances in the last seven years where the winning team has a 2 percent or less chance of victory at any point in the game, according to their own mathematical model. Three of those instances happened this Sunday, with jets, dolphins Y Cardinals.

It was the biggest comeback allowed by the raiders in its history as an organization (20 points), and suddenly the verb “allow” seems appropriate. As happened in the first two comebacks described above, the raiders strived to provide additional opportunities to the Cards to steal the result.

In other latitudes, Atlanta Falcons They threatened to add Los Angeles Rams to this piece, but the corner Jalen Ramsey rescued the current monarchs of the superbowl of humiliation with an interception on the goal line, when another extraordinary comeback was drawing.

Former catcher and manager of the new york yankees Y Mets, yogi berra, became legendary in the world of memorable quotes with colorful slogans. Perhaps, the most remembered was the one who prays “This ain’t over, until it’s over“, a maxim that also applies outside the baseball diamonds and on the gridirons of the NFL. Brown’s, ravens Y raiders gave us the perfect reminder in the week 2.

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