Dani Alves no longer traveled on the feline bus

When I arrive Daniel Alves a Cougars he highlighted his camaraderie by getting on the team bus instead of traveling in the van that was prepared for him; However, it seems that this was left behind by what was seen on Sunday in the University Olympic Stadium.


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At the end of the game against Blue Crosswhich they lost 2-1, W Deportes was able to capture as Daniel Alves abandonment CU in a private van and not with the rest of the team on the bus.

On many occasions the players break ranks at the end of the crazy games, but they almost always leave together in the official club truck.

This action generates uncertainty among the fans of the Cougarssince it seems that the atmosphere within the feline staff is not the best after the bad past in the Opening 2022.

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The university students are on the brink of elimination after falling to machine. They are in 16th position with 14 points and still have a slight hope of accessing the playoffs, because they have two games left to play, the one on matchday 17 and one pending on Date 7.

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