Child mocks security and manages to arrive with the lusoMediotiempo

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There is no doubt that one of the dreams they might as well have all kids soccer fans is to meet your favorite playera goal that not everyone can achieve, although there are little ones who are ready for anything to fulfill that illusion.

Sample of the above was a amateur infant of Man Utdwhich took advantage of the club’s visit to the city of Tiraspol, in Moldova, to circumvent club security and be able to get closer Cristiano Ronaldo.

A video of the tender moment in which a minor managed to overcome several security elements from the hotel where the Red Devils were staying for their game in the Europe League Y heyougar up to CR7who realizing what was happening did not hesitate to stop his march.

After achieving his goal, the little boy did not hesitate to hug the star several times lusawhich corresponded to the signs of affection, even asked for a Marker to be able to autograph the minor’s shirt.

Manchester United in the Europa League

With goals from Cristiano Ronaldo Y Jason Sancho, Manchester United achieved beat Sheriff 2-0 in Matchday 2 of the Europa League, a result that meant the first win for the Red Devils in the tournament organized by UEFA.

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