CFE confirms 1.2 million users affected in electricity supply after earthquake

The Federal electricity commission (CFE) announced that 1.2 million users were affected in the electrical service in five entities after the magnitude 7.7 earthquake with epicenter in Michoacan that this was recorded September 19th.

Through a statement, the CFE He explained that the 68 percent supply to users.

In the same way, CFE indicated that those affected represent 8 percent of the 14.6 million users in the five affected states.

He indicated that with trained and sufficient personnel, he undertakes activities to reestablish the electrical supply in Mexico City, Mexico state, Michoacan, Colima Y Jalisco.

The effects, by entity, are as follows:

  • Mexico City with 572 thousand 663 affected users, has been restored to 68 percent.
  • State of Mexico with 335 thousand 938 users affected, has been restored to 52 percent.
  • Michoacán with 106 thousand 37 affected users, who have been restored to normal.
  • Colima with 145 thousand 808 affected users, has been restored to 77 percent.
  • Jalisco with 72 thousand 55 users affected, was restored to 84 percent.

In addition, the electrical infrastructure is being patrolled to to identify the damage and continue resettingto avoid any risk to citizens and staff of the CFE.

The CFE He pointed out that it is in close coordination with the National Civil Protection System and will continue with the activities to restore the affected users.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 shook the center of Mexicowith a balance of deadjust on the day of the anniversaries of the earthquakes of September 19, 1985 and of 2017considered the two more destructive of recent history in the country.

Just minutes after a simulacrum to remember the preventive measures in case of an earthquake and commemorate the earthquakes of this same day in 1985 and 2017, a new telluric movement generated panic among the inhabitants of the capital and of the western and central states of the country.

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