Cantinflas: This actress of the Golden Age knew the true personality of Mario Moreno

Mario Morenobetter known as Cantinflaswas one of the most important celebrities of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, since with his funny character of “skinny” conquered the public and the critics. However, in real life, the actor was heavily criticized for his cold and arrogant personality, For that reason, one of the divas of the big screen spoke about what the comedian was really like.

The call “Mime from Mexico” He began his career in the so-called tents, where he developed until he came to cinematography. In 1936 the actor made his debut in the film “Don’t be fooled heart“However, it was until 1940, when he starred in “there is the detail“, which was launched to fame, in fact the tape is in the top 10 of the best movies of Mexican cinema.

Although the protagonist of “Raquel’s Bolero” He was also known for seeking the labor rights of his scene partners, since he was President of the National Association of Actors (GO) and was the first secretary general of the Film Production Workers Union (STPC), some of the actors didn’t want it, nevertheless, Mary Victoria She was the only one who knew the true personality of the comedian offstage.

Mario Moreno was very famous for his character “Cantinflas” Photo: Special

María Victoria met the true personality of Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”

Maria Victoria Gutierrez Cervantesreal name of the singer and actress, was one of the personalities closest toCantinflas“, so he knew the producer very well, who was said to be not a very friendly person with his colleagues. The artist and “The Mexican Charles Chaplin” they formed a strong friendship to the point of becoming compadres, since Moreno was the godfather of his son Reuben.

met dough Mario than to ‘Cantinflas’; with him that we spent great evenings”, said the protagonist of “The well-bred maid“, in a statement, as he stressed that the star of “El Profe” and “El patrolman 777” loved going to his house to spend time together, since he was a night lover bohemian and liked to play the guitar, above all, he was a serious manbut “very good”.

In addition to being great friendsMaria Victoria and Mario Moreno they were going to share credits in a production called “Welcome Maria”, that works on the story of a migrant, according to the records. Despite the fact that the project did start with the recordings, it was stopped by the production company, so that until now nothing is known about this work by the actors of the Gold Cinema.

María Victoria and Cantinflas were compadres Photo: IG @mariavictoriafan

Who is Maria Victoria?

The native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, was born on February 26, 1933and began his artistic career by appearing in the so-called tents as Toya Gutierrez, a stage name he used for a few years. In 1954 she got her first major film role in the movie “To the Sound of the Charleston” where he shared credits with Pompin Iglesias Y Luis Arcaraz; from that moment he began to work on more productions.

“Only one time”“Long live youth!”, “A crooked move”“Cupid loses Paquita”, “Cucurrucucú dove”, “Three stray bullets”, “As long as the body endures”are some of his films that he made throughout his career, while on television he starred in “My guests” and “La criada bien criada”, a series that will have a remake and will star Biby Gaytán.

María Victoria was one of the most beautiful in the Golden Cinema Photo: Special


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