better animations, new icon and more news

Update Telegram to the latest version as soon as possible to enjoy all these new features

Telegram for Android is updated in a big way: better animations, new icon and more news

Telegram has started updating version 9.0introducing a good handful of interesting novelties that are already available for users of the messaging app, both iOS and Android.

The new version includes both specific news for users with an active subscription to Telegram Premiumlike others aimed at users of the free version of the application.


The new version of Telegram includes many new features.

Infinite reactions come to Telegram… only for Premium users

Telegram has announced the arrival of version 9.0 as a major update to the app, which introduces, among other things, the possibility of react with any emoji available in the app. However, this feature will be available only for Telegram Premium subscribers.

For all other users, they have been enabled some new emoji that until now were only available to paying users. In that sense, the reaction panel has been redesignedso it’s now expandable so you can find the most suitable emoji more easily.

Another change exclusively aimed at Telegram Premium users consists of the possibility of add a status with an animated emoji to your profile. This will appear next to the username, and will replace the premium badge that appeared previously.

The Telegram login process has also been improved so that now users can receive verification codes to log in directly to the email inboxand even Sign in with Google or Apple. The iOS version has also been updated with new animations that will appear throughout the login flow.

Capture of links with usernames in Telegram

Each username has its own Telegram link.

taking advantage of that Telegram generates a custom link using every username available on the social network, the app now offers a new unique link format of the type Thus, it is easier to directly access a public profile, group or channel.

The Android version of Telegram has also been updated with interesting new features, including the possibility of prioritize downloads. Thanks to this function, through the download section of the app, we can drag to the top the file that we consider most important to be downloaded before the rest.

In this sense, in addition, Telegram has improved animations when opening and closing media files in chats on Android, and has added support for the android 13 themed iconso that the app icon changes automatically based on the system theme color and whether or not the dark theme is enabled.

Telegram 9.0 can now be downloaded on Google Play. The update is available to Android and iOS users for free, and should gradually reach everyone.

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