Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid – Match Report – September 18, 2022

(EFE) — Real Madrid only needed 35 minutes and two chances to strike down Atlético de Madrid, whose vigorous start was suffocated with the most definitive value of any job, the irrepressible effectiveness with which the white team got rid of their adversary, whom he relegated to eight points away in the standings with an exhibition of walls, speed and punch, relentlessly combined by the current champion, with the final scare caused by Hermoso’s unexpected 1-2.

The first, served by Tchouaméni, was finished off by Rodrygo in the 18th minute; the second, with Modric’s pass that broke the resistance on the right wing of the rojiblanco team, was completed by Fede Valverde, after Vinicius’ unattainable gallop, Jan Oblak’s deflection to the post and the lucky rebound that the huge Uruguayan footballer transformed into an irrefutable victory from then until the final stretch, when an error by Courtois gave emotion and life to Atlético, finally defeated, with only one victory in their last 13 derbies in the championship or just three of the most recent 18 among all the competitions.



The bad start of the merengue goalkeeper has given the colchoneros a chance to seek a tie at the end.

Even without Benzema, outside of the derby, Real Madrid is powerful in its offensive transition, in its punch, in the most fundamental factors that determine victories. Back in the 18th minute, on a single occasion, after enduring the storm that Atlético unleashed at the start, he struck with the force that made him champion for almost the entire past season and that proposes him as the consolidated leader today in the League. He is forceful like no other.

The rotundity comes from his talent. The refined management of the technique of its players, the vision of the game that enhances its overflows, the conviction with which they execute each play in the last meters make it, suddenly, an uncontested block, capable of making the difference in an instant. no matter how much the entire previous section had circulated through the maelstrom that Atlético had imposed, due to intensity, pressure and combination, before bleeding out behind due to the speed of the white team’s offensives.

The leader admits no doubt when he strikes. He had not appeared at any time in the area of ​​​​Jan Oblak, reintegrated into the competition after two games out, but he does not need anything from the other world, nothing very visible, to suddenly change a duel, as he did in the Metropolitan. The play arose and ended in Rodrygo, whose first shot, after Tchouaméni’s exact pass over Felipe, transformed the derby without remission.

A differential factor that Atlético does not have today for challenges of this magnitude, because the high-voltage derby, agitated in the previous days, boiling in the first fouls, in each set, in each friction, in each statement of strength in any divided ball, saw a powerful staging by the rojiblanco team, who played, pressed, emptied themselves and failed when they had to tackle the most complex of all: the goal. His four options in the first quarter of an hour came to nothing, outside the framework defended by Thibaut Courtois.

The same debate includes how one defense and the other move, with more doubts than certainties in the rojiblanco team since they were champions in May 2021. Because Tchouaméni’s high sending to Rodrygo, with the indisputable collateral difficulties, did not reach completely Felipe, who chose the previous step forward badly and who conditioned his retreat to back, too late. They are the millimeters that were missing to prevent a blow.

Because, until then, Atlético felt capable of anything. Griezmann’s return to the starting lineup makes his team better. Until this Sunday, economic limitations had reduced each commitment preceding a fundamental election for Simeone to just over half an hour, for what he contributes by himself and what he supposes when he adds other teammates to the equation. He was seen at the beginning. He was blurred afterwards. With 0-1 against, his run, his driving and his shot rushed Courtois again.

It was not enough to reopen the discussion of the points, settled by Real Madrid moments later, at full speed by Vinicius, in another wall – this time by Modric – with which he left Marcos Llorente and Felipe Monteiro out of focus in one go time and that he proposed it on the run to face Oblak. His shot was deflected by the goalkeeper against the post, the rebound was clinched by Fede Valverde at 0-2, without anyone being able to oppose a very harsh reality.

Neither did Yannick Carrasco, when he collided with Courtois even in the first half, with a world to play for this Sunday at the Metropolitano, from which nothing good was assumed for Atlético, neither without changes nor with them (with the entry of Morata by De Paul and de Cunha by Joao Félix, first, and Hermoso and Correa, later).

Until Mario Hermoso – expelled in an exaggerated way later with two yellow cards in three minutes, the last one was not – aroused hope with the 1-2 header in the 83rd minute in a corner that pointed to the Real Madrid goalkeeper and transformed the last stretch in an unforeseen ordeal to support the difference that today separates the two teams.

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