Alejandro Fernandez and Carolina Ross. This is how the networks reacted, after appearing in the Canelo fight

After once again defeating Gennady Golovkin, Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez caused a furor among his followers and the Mexican audience, who followed each of the rounds in which the Mexican took advantage, however, this was not all that marked the night, but the presentation of Alexander Fernandez Y Caroline Ross also gave something to talk about, because the social networks They applauded his musical intervention.

Last night, the Mexican boxer stepped on the ring again, but before Canelo faced the Kazakh, Carolina Ross, a singer from Sinaloa, well-known on social networks, intervened on the stage of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, to perform the National anthem; The performance of the 26-year-old singer surprised, as there were many people who heard her sing for the first time.

“At last we Mexicans were able to hear our National Anthem sung with a firm, melodious, in-tune voice and without errors. Congratulations!!!” posted a Twitter user this morning.

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But Ross was not the only singer who performed during the confrontation between “Canelo” and Golovkin, as Alejandro Fernández was also present at the sporting event, in which he sang “Mexico Lindo y Dear”, accompanied by a mariachi and, of course, of a charro suit. “El foal” walked next to “el Canelo”, while the boxer went to the ring; the singer took the athlete by the shoulder; the audience, in turn, chanted the classic theme, original by Chucho Monge.

“What I would not give why he will also sing in my ear (Alejandro Fernández) always the best,” said a follower of the Mexican singer.

Unlike what usually happens with the evaluation that the public makes of the performance of the invited artists in this type of event, the presence of Ross and Fernández was applauded, since both stood out for their presence and their vocal capacity. In social networks you can read, in addition to the compliments to the talent of the foal, comments in support of Ross’s career, who was congratulated for starring in an act worthy of our country’s anthem.

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“You were perfect, Caro. Congratulations for that great performance, in this great challenge !!!”, expressed another tweet, posted this morning.

The presentation of Carolina Ross means a great opportunity, within her career, to make herself known to different audiences, since she already has millions of followers on social networks.

Originally, Eduin Caz, leader of Grupo Firme, would be the one who would interpret the National Anthem, after “Canelo” himself invited him to be part of the show, since they are very good friends, however, days before the competition, the regional music interpreter announced that it could not be presented for reasons that are unknown.

The decision that “El Canelo” be the one to suggest which artist will perform during the fight was also a topic to be debated on networks, as there are those who do not agree that the athlete intervenes in logistical issues: Why ‘el Canelo’ can make those decisions of who sings or not the anthem? That there is no promoter who is in charge of the entire organization of the fight? Or does ´el Canelo´ organize his own fights? That would explain some weird stuff.”

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