A spot for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

In The Happening we are always sharing the best options so you can have that physical and emotional balance you need for a full life. That is why we could not stay without sharing a new discovery that we made with Ranaxhiia spot dedicated to wellness and comprehensive health that you won’t want to miss out on.

Ranaxhii It could well be the Disney of adults and here we tell you a little more about it so that you are encouraged to give yourself a moment for yourself in which you can rediscover yourself. In this space, everything is based on comprehensive wellness experiences. Each of the places, activities and specialists are designed to give you a healing experience, according to what you and only you need.

Now do not think that it is an evolutionary process just for you, it is a spot in which people like you, seek their balance and well-being. Therefore, in Ranaxhii They guide and accompany you along the path of physical, emotional and spiritual health, with the commitment that you always come out of Ranaxhii better than how you entered and at the same time you can leave some teaching to all the teachers and team that make it up.

But hey, if you’re wondering, Adriana and Malena Quintero are a pair of sisters and founding partners of Ranaxhii. They are the ones who have given life to this spot at the beginning of 2021 to create a space in which people could heal in the midst of a pandemic. Something that is appreciated since it was when people began to present more anxiety and problems due to confinement. Over time they have created an entire community contributing that grain of sand helping others.

You can find specialists for all kinds of needs such as Dermatology, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy. At the same time also different therapies such as Comprehensive Physiotherapy, Biomagnetism, Angelotherapy, access bars and wellness therapy, Gyrotonic, Psychology and Thanatology, biodecoding, Shiatsu Massage and Intuitive Healing. An endless number of options for you to find what your body and mind need!

Now that if you don’t want to take therapy, there is the option of activities and workshops that they have every month so that you know your strengths better, family constellations to let go of everything that weighs you down or sound baths to raise your vibrational frequency, and give you peace and tranquility. . That without neglecting one of the most famous workshops that are those of paint & wine or as a couple so that they can strengthen their bond. In addition to having the possibility of renting harmonic and adequate spaces to give your therapies, events, workshops, conferences, or classes if you wish.

It is such a heavy place in a total well-being that it also has many options wellness for the body such as Pressotherapy, Ionic detoxification, Paraffin, Mud therapy, massages and even yoga or meditation classes. A very novel idea for the community of Ranaxhii Keep growing. For more information about the classes, workshops or their schedules, we leave you their official website.

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