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The survey published this Monday (09.19.2022) shows that those who practice the most physical activities at least once a week in the European Union (EU) are the citizens of Finland (71%), Luxembourg (63%), the Netherlands (60 %), Denmark and Sweden (both 59%).

Among those who never practice any sport, Portugal (73%), Greece (68%) and Poland (65%) stand out.

Although far from the bottom pack, Spain is below the European average, with 47% of respondents stating that they never exercise, according to the survey conducted in that country on a representative sample of 1,006 people interviewed face to face. face between last April 19 and May 25.

In the EU as a whole, young people between 15 and 24 years old are the ones who do sport the most regularly (54%) and the proportion falls with age to 21% in people over 55 years old.

At the community level, the main motivations for practicing physical exercise or sport are to improve health (54%), improve physique (43%), relax (39%), have fun (27%), improve performance (27%) , control weight (25%) and improve appearance (21%).

The most common impediments to doing so are lack of time (41%), lack of interest (25%), or disability or illness (14%).

The data, in line with a similar Eurobarometer published in 2017, shows that during the covid-19 pandemic, half of people reduced their physical activity or even stopped completely, highlights the Community Executive. (ef)

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