19S. Does the sound of the seismic alert scare you? learn how to control yourself

The sound of seismic alerteven if it is just a simulacrumcauses some people to present reactions such as fear or anguish.

When seismic alert sounds, it is not the sound that scares, but the memory of the negative consequences of the earthquakes that have been experienced, so it does not matter what sound it has, since it could be your favorite song and in the same way it would arouse the same emotions. And this is due to the mental association that the experience establishes between the sound and the possible consequences of the earthquake.

Therefore, we present a series of recommendations to reduce the effects of stress that you may experience.

4 tips to control your fear of the Seismic Alert

1. Think of the alert as a sound of life, an opportunity to take action to save yourself and your family.

two. Learn and practice breathing techniques to relax, since having oxygen allows you to analyze events and make better decisions.
3. Remember that the fear will not disappear completely, which is positive, since this emotion helps to act quickly and in a timely manner.
Four. If the fear is extremely intense and paralyzes you, go to a specialist capable of providing you with psychological support.
Finally, do not forget that Mexico is in one of the most active seismic zones in the world and that having an alert system is one of the best ways to prevent and reduce risks. The seismic alert is a warning that seeks to preserve life and increase your safety.
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