This was Freddie Mercury’s heartbreaking statement hours before he died

In the world it is still latent that November 23, 1991 when Freddie Mercury, vocalist and leader of Queen, announced to the world that he was a carrier of the HIV virus. This confession came days before his death and after several years of carrying this disease. Although the story caused pain, this increased when the singer died.

On November 21, two days before the official announcement, Freddie Mercury he asked Jim Beach to draft a statement. That night, Elton John and Dave Clark, close friends of the singer, visited the artist, who was only holding on with life aided by morphine while awaiting his death,

Freddy Mercury reported his illness two days before he died.

Few people from the closest environment of Freddie Mercury they knew the true diagnosis of the star. Among the know-it-alls were his then-partner Jim Hutton, his youthful ex-girlfriend and lifelong friend Mary Austin, and Queen’s manager Jim Beach. Some time later, his bandmates found out and kept the secret – at the request of their leader.

The statement with which Freddy Mercury made his diagnosis known through the voice Roxy Meade, Queen’s publicity agent, began after rumors that something was wrong with him: “As a consequence of the great conjectures that have appeared in the press in the last two weeks, it is my wish to confirm that I I have been tested for HIV and I have AIDS. I think it has been convenient to keep this information secret to protect the privacy of those around me.

Freddy Mercury became a milestone against HIV. Source: Instagram.

The Miracle, Queen’s last album was published in 1989 but the group could not present it on tour as usual, due to the Freddie Mercury. “The time has come for my friends and fans around the world to know the truth, and I hope you will all stand with my doctors and those fighting this terrible disease. Please understand that this pattern will continue, ”the statement also said, which ended up being the last message the singer gave to the press and to his fans.

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