They burn cars and report shootings in Colima due to the arrest of ‘La Vaca’

*State police have asked citizens not to leave their homes if it is not necessary


Colima.- In Colima capital, vehicles are burned after the arrest in Mexico City of José Bernabé ‘N’, known as “La Vaca” who is one of the main generators of violence in the state.

The fire of three vehicles was recorded on Calzada Galván in Colima. It was reported that individuals aboard another car stopped in front of the units and threw gasoline to set the vehicles on fire, then fled.

Elements of the fire department of the eastern substation carried out the work to combat the incident so far no injured persons have been reported, only material damage.

Other burned vehicles are also reported in Villa de Álvarez, two of them on García Conde and Benito Juárez streets.

It was reported that elements of the Fire Department and State Civil Protection are deploying operations in different parts of the metropolitan area, responding to various reports.

It is expected that in the next few hours some official information will be issued in this regard.

State police have asked citizens not to leave their homes if it is not necessary, burning vehicles are being reported.

In addition, shootings are recorded in different areas of Colima-Villa de Álvarez.

The governor of Colima, Indira Vizcaíno Silva, informed the citizens of Colima that the State Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace and Security is in permanent session.

“We are acting to protect the population and attend to any event, this in the face of the reactions of criminal groups for the arrest of a generator of violence in the state,” he said.

I express that all the security and law enforcement corporations with a presence in Colima are alert and in full coordination.

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