‘Single Dad’, the program canceled at the peak of its popularity due to a Televisa rule

According to the actor Gerardo Quiroz, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, then owner of Televisa, had new plans for the star César Costa and that is why he decided to put an end to 'Single Dad'.  (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images)

According to the actor Gerardo Quiroz, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, then owner of Televisa, had new plans for the star César Costa and that is why he decided to put an end to ‘Single Dad’. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Little do they know that the rock & roll legend Cesar Costa He had an impeccable white 1966 Mercedes that he used on certain occasions, his acquaintances say. One day he took that legendary car to Televisa and after finishing a call, he offered to transfer the three young people with whom he worked, Gerardo Quiroz, Luis Mario Quiroz and Edith Marquez. The vehicle itself attracted the eyes of passers-by and other drivers, but the occupants did not go unnoticed either. It was about the cast of the series ‘Single Dad’.

The anecdote was narrated by the actor Gerardo Quiroz in a recent episode “Con B de Burak”.

“(César was the driver), I (Gerardo) got in the front; Luis Mario and Edith, in the back. Do you know what each traffic light was, what happened when they turned to see us? There were three traffic lights because you don’t always turn to see those next to us, right? Rather we were friendly and you turned to see those who were next to you and said hello”.

When they were barely 500 meters away, recalls the producer, the “family” was recognized and they began to celebrate them and call them by their fictitious names. “Cesar, Alejandra, Miguel, Cesarin! The four of them together, gossiping in his (Costa’s) Mercedes. Why did they turn to see the car? Because of the model and why suddenly they found the family they had seen on television the night before“. The event demonstrated the success of the series.

But with almost seven years of popularity, someone within Televisa decided that the unitary program had its hours counted.

‘Single Dad’ was a series that began broadcasting in 1987 and ended in 1994. It dealt with the family life of a single father (more like a widower), César Costa, who had the commitment to educate his three children -the eldest, “ Miguel” (Gerardo), the middle one, “Alejandra” (Edith) and the youngest, “Cesarín” (Luis Mario)- based on love, trust and active listening, with positive messages for parents and young people.

“It was very common to talk about the value of single mothers, that alone through their work, their love, their time, their responsibility, they raised their children, being divorced, widowed or abandoned in some way. , but Single fathers weren’t talked about because it was embarrassing… being a single father, what, did you lose some of your masculinity?Quiroz told Enrique Burak and his daughter.

César Costa’s characterization was inspired by his past as a Mexican rock and roll star, and with that stereotype, he also liked to party, he was rich but irresponsible. However, the death of his ex-wife forces him to reconvert his life and learn his new role in fatherhood, on issues such as the first menstruation, working on emotional deficiencies, sibling relationships, and addictions. “Not as principles, but as a consequence. The principle was ‘we are going to entertain ourselves in a series of 22 effective minutes’, but there was a bottom line and the bottom line was ‘let the audience smile when the credits roll,'” recalls Quiroz.

But why did the show end? Because Emilio Azcarraga Milmothen owner of Televisa, had new plans for star César Costa.

“There was a policy on Televisa that the same actor or driver could not be in two projects at the same time, especially if one was fiction and the other was not. Then the idea of ​​a very successful morning news came up, called ‘Un new day’, (with) Rebeca de Alba and César Costa. According to what César tells me, Don Emilio sent for him, ‘this morning magazine program is for you, because people adore it, from ‘La carabina de Ambrosio’ and even before and ‘Single Dad’ has already completed its cycle'”.

Costa, who was interested in participating in both projects, would have asked Azcárraga Milmo for a few more months to conclude his stage in the series. “There are many more topics to talk about: changes in adolescence, bad friendships, alcoholism and adolescence, the reckless girlfriend, the jealous daughter… it’s inexhaustible.” This yielded so that the actor and team prepared the end of the night program.

At 28 years old, Quiroz is preparing the reunion of the Acosta family with the spinoff ‘Single grandfather’.

“This return is highly anticipated because you find the family in another time; the children are now fathers, the father is a grandfather, now the grandfather helps to educate the grandchildrenthe grandchildren scold the parents, the grandfather does not allow that authority to be exceeded, but all with comedy and with a message of love and communication, “he added.

This show could be on screen in 2023.


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