Sick and divorced: After being a stripper and retired from Televisa for 6 years, the actor arrives at ‘Ventaneando’

Mexico City.- A controversial actor and singer, who was stripper and dancer in his beginnings and then debuted in Televisait appears in windowing with strong statements against his former daughter-in-law. Is about Serge Mayerwho, as will be remembered, abandoned soap operas 6 years ago to dedicate himself to politics, however, now that he is no longer in office, he appears on the TV show Pati Chapoy to rule on the controversy between his son Sergio Mayer Mori Y Natalia Subtilwho accuses him of not giving pension to your daughter.

Mayer, who started out as a dancer and stripper on the famous show Only for womenstood out as an actor in telenovelas such as The stepmother, The most beautiful ugly, I swear I love you, A hook to the heart, Abyss of passion Y lying hearthowever, in 2016 he decided to leave television to pursue a political position, becoming deputy. After completing his term in office, Mayer has given something to talk about by ruling on several legal cases in which celebrities are involved.

Serge Mayer

In this case, the ex-husband of Barbara Moriwho is married to the actress and sister of Jaime Camil Issabela Camilspoke of the scandal surrounding the son he had with the Uruguayan, because the mother of his 5-year-old daughter Mila, the Brazilian model Natalia Subtil, accuses him of having neglected his obligations as a father and not giving a pension, in addition to pointing to the former Garibaldi as someone with a lack of empathy. The actor, in an interview with windowing in Aztec TVmaintains that she blocked it.

Sergio Mayer and his granddaughter Mila

According to Sergio Mayer Bretón, the Brazilian already does not allow him to have contact with his granddaughter and he cannot even see it on digital platforms, after his son traveled to Mexico from Spain this week and showed on networks the coexistence he had with the minor: “My son arrived yesterday, and yesterday he went to see his daughter and he was with her, and he spent the whole afternoon with her, the girl I think they saw there how she wants it, how they get along, Natália I don’t know what the problem is, or what does she want? Mayer.

Later, he revealed that at this time he knows nothing about the girl: “blocked meit does not allow me to see my granddaughter’s networks, which seems to me out of context, because one thing has nothing to do with the other and, furthermore, if someone has supported her and has been watching over her, and I think that you they have seen it”. In addition, he pointed out that soon “it will come to light” a labor agreement that the Brazilian presumably failed to comply: “Sooner or later the project for which she left us there will come out and a lot of money was lost.”

Natalia Subtil and Mila

The soap opera heartthrob, who recently expressed his intentions to be president of Mexico, reiterated the affection he has for his granddaughter Mila and reproached Subtil for resorting to the press to air family problems: “I’m going to go with my granddaughter whenever I can. be aware of her for love, because I adore her, because she is the best, but nothing more, I am very sorry that she is pretending and using the media in such a personal matter, and also victimizing herself for being a woman, I don’t know okay”.

Likewise, Mayer, who a few months ago revealed that he was patient with sudden hearing lossalso known as sudden deafness, pointed out: “She is a woman, as she herself said, 34 or 35 years old, who has a commitment, a responsibility to look for work, and it is not to speak ill of women, on the contrary, there are You have to be objective, because if there is something you don’t agree with, why don’t you go to the authorities?

In other words, why are you constantly pressuring through the media? And why are you pressuring and blackmailing the girl? That’s not correct,” he said.

Finally, the artist made it clear that he will always do everything in his power for his granddaughter, although he stressed that it is not his obligation: “The girl was here in Mérida, she spent almost a full month with my parents, and we will see for her always, for her, but from there to having to carry something that does not correspond to you, this… no, that is, that she is asking me to respond, that is, really, as far as it goes”.

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