New data in real estate corruption investigations

Laura Gómez Flores, Sandra Hernández García, Victor Ballinas and Andrea Becerril

Newspaper La Jornada
Thursday, August 18, 2022, p. 36

The Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) discovered new relationships in the investigation for real estate corruption that follows Luis Vizcaíno, former legal and government director, as well as Nicias Aridjis, former head of Works and Urban Development of Benito Juárez -accused by illicit enrichment–, with businessmen from the sector and city hall officials, which can give rise to new lines of research.

Meanwhile, the senators of Morena Citlali Hernández and César Cravioto called on the authorities to broaden their investigations into the PAN members Xóchitl Gálvez, former delegate of Miguel Hidalgo, as well as Kenia López Rabadán, whom they pointed out as being allegedly involved in these crimes, and They proposed that the local Congress be urged to create a special commission to investigate.

Document anomalies in digital files

The confiscation of computer equipment after the search of 42 buildings presumably linked to former public servants made it possible to identify various relationships, whether in its construction, ownership, marketing or lease.

The common denominator is the irregularities under which the permits to build and inhabit were authorized, for which the Environmental and Territorial Planning Attorney’s Office (PAOT) directed recommendations since 2014 to the heads of the then delegation, governed by the National Action Party.

Former delegation head Jorge Romero was recommended to begin administrative procedures and demolish surplus levels, in addition to carrying out administrative or criminal actions against the servers involved, without this having happened so far.

The local leader of Morena, Tomás Pliego, reported that Mayor Santiago Taboada has neglected to resolve cases of corruption, such as that of Holbein 66, owned by Luis Vizcaíno, where two surplus floors that violate land use have not been demolished. , according to observations that the PAOT sent since 2019.

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