COSMOBLASTS, the AAFI Aerospace Medicine team

The Aerospace Association College of Engineering (AAFI) from UNAM is a group created with the intention of carrying out aerospace technologies, made up of students from different universities and disciplines such as Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Design and the health area such as Medicine and Dentistry, who make up the Cosmoblastos team.

“I found out about the AAFI thanks to my sister, who was the president of that association and invited me to be part of the project. I was interested in aerospace subjects, but I did not understand the technical aspects of Engineering, so I proposed the idea of ​​creating a division with a medical focus, and that is how Cosmoblastos emerged, a team specialized in Aerospace Medicine”, commented Daniela Guzmán Torres.founder and coordinator of the team and student of the Degree in Physiotherapy of the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM.

He also stated that there were already Health Sciences students at the AAFI who were dispersed in the Rocketry, Avionics and Satellites divisions, so he began to contact them and invite them to join the Aerospace Medicine division, which is currently made up of 11 students, of which 3 are from the Faculty of Medicine and the others from different careers and universities that collaborate in solving medical problems that arise during and after a space mission, combining technical and health knowledge.

For its part, Cynthia Altamirano Manrique, student of the Medical Surgeon Degree of the Faculty, explained that the Cosmoblastos team aims to “create projects that bring together the technological part and the health area to be able to build an auxiliary tool and thus help promote health both for people who live on Earth and for astronauts”.

Thus, he mentioned that his current project was inspired by the lifestyle of astronauts on the International Space Station compared to the way people live on Earth during the COVID-19 lockdownbecause “there were very similar things, for example, little space to exercise, so we developed a modular robot that serves as a personal medical assistant called Astro MX, which has the objective of constantly monitoring health from nutrition, exercises, sleep quality, oral health, and maintenance of mental health, all based on softwaremonitoring of sensors and Artificial Intelligence developed by the union of Engineering with our medical knowledge to provide recommendations for health prevention”.

Emilio Maya Jaimes, also a student of the Bachelor of Medical Surgeon, commented that the fact that they are from different disciplines “enriches a lot, because we have different points of view that in the end make our content better and give us a plus. The project became much bigger than we originally thought, the idea began to be nurtured thanks to the talks between us, with our advisors and even with other teams, and for this reason our interest in being part of Cosmoblastos arose”.

In this way, the team extended an invitation to the community of the Faculty of Medicine interested in Aerospace Medicine to are part of the group which you can learn more on your social networks Facebook (@Cosmoblasts-AAFI) and Instagram (@cosmoblastos_aafi) and AAFI on the page of Facebook (@AAFI Aerospace Association of the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM).

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