Border Patrol captures 3 camouflaged migrants in the NM desert

Juarez City- Wearing ghillie suits, above military-style uniforms, three migrants trying to camouflage themselves in the New Mexico desert were found by Border Patrol agents from the El Paso Sector.

“People who enter the United States illegally often use extraordinary tactics to avoid detection and arrest. Congratulations to Border Patrol agents at the El Paso Santa Teresa station for intercepting three migrants wearing ghillie suits in an effort to blend in with the desert terrain of southern New Mexico, the US authority said.

The ghillie suits are suits used by hunters or animal observers, they are made with children, and are used in order to blend in with the environment, in this case with the desert flora.

In the images released by the Border Patrol of the El Paso Sector, the three male migrants covered from head to toe with the thread suit are observed, while they are guarded by an agent on horseback.

According to statistics from the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), between January and July Border Patrol agents made 179,940 arrests in the El Paso Sector, 24,916 them in the last month.

Of these, 9,227 were from people of Mexican origin, 4,878 from Guatemala, 1,419 from Hondurans, 983 from Salvadorans and 8,409 from migrants of other nationalities.

A total of 16,530 were adults traveling alone or as part of a group but were not family members, 5,881 people were traveling as a family, and 2,505 were migrant children alone.

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