AMLO’s morning, August 18, 2022; live, follow the topics minute by minute

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) offers its traditional morning conference this Thursday, August 18, 2022.

AMLO’s morning topics August 18, 2022

10:00| President’s morning conference ends Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

09:54| Lopez Obrador stated that they are investigating the Labor conditions in which you work in Pinabete mine.

09:49| Roberto Salcedo-Aquinohead of the Public Service, said that the institution he heads has lost some lawsuits in the case of Segalmex. He pointed out that there is pressure to solve this casebut it is required to have all the evidence with a comprehensive review. He added that there is a permanent dialogue with the General Prosecutor of the Republic.

09:23| The president stated that a review to make consulates work better. He acknowledged that there are pending issues such as the regularization of migrantswhich has not been fulfilled in the US Congress and that their rights are respected.

08:42| About the decision of the SCJN that invalidated the arrest warrant against the former governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Xavier de Vacasaid that “there are things that do not seem to me, but we have to respect the decision of the judiciary.”

08:37| The president noted that the relatives asked for the opinion of experts and their conclusion is that the correct thing is being done to extract the water from the mine and rescue trapped miners in Coahuila. “We wish with all our soul (that the miners are still alive),” he said.

08:24| Mejia Berdeja clarified that the former governor of Puebla, Mario Marinwho is imprisoned in a Cancun prison, has no privileges behind bars.

08:09| He confirmed that the irregularities detected in Segalmex amount to 9 thousand 500 million pesosof which are audited to find out if there were property damage. Also, he said that there is an official detained.

08:05| He specified that the SFP made 84 acts of control of Segalmex since its creation. He said that in the FGR there are 38 complaints filed for the alleged commission of crimes that could have generated property damage.

08:03| On the alleged acts of corruption of some public servants in Segalmex-Liconsa-Diconsa, Roberto Salcedo-Aquinohead of the Public Service, reported that based on various audits, inconsistencies in Diconsa of 2019 and 2021, while in Segalmex there are abstention rulings.

07:52| He specified that legal accusation will be made against those who obstructed justice in the case. Debanhi Escobar at the beginning of the investigation.

07:47| He indicated that on August 13, elements of Sedena Y National Guard 167 people were arrested in Tiamba, Uruapan, Michoacan; also, they seized 175 long weapons and 57 short weapons.

07:37| Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, undersecretary of Public Security, reported that he was arrested 17 people for blockades and fires of Lower California. Altogether, he said, there are 42 arrested. Regarding the disturbances that occurred between August 9 and 10 in Zapopan, Jaliscothere was 5 detainees and 3 were already linked to the process.

07:33| President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sent his condolences to Mayor of Celaya, Javier Mendoza Marquezfor him murder of his son. “A very unfortunate fact and we send him, his family, we send him a very strong hug,” she said.

07:28| Laura Velazquez Alzuanational coordinator of Civil protectionspecified that the german specialists They stated that it is necessary to identify where the water enters due to the flood and seal entrances of the mines. He specified that the government’s strategy is adequate for the rescue of the 10 miners in Coahuila. To date, 391 thousand 941 cubic meters of water have been released from the Pinabete mine.

07:00| The morning conference of the president begins Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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