After romance with Televisa executive, actress replaces Andrea Legarreta in ‘Hoy’ and sinks ‘VLA’

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Mexico City.- After debuting in soap operas in the 70s and lose your exclusive contract in 2019 after 40 years, a famous protagonist of television joins the cast of today program and replaces Andrea Legarretagiving a blow to the rating of come the joy. Is about Erika Buenfilwho has not only stood out as an important actress but also received the nickname of the ‘Queen of TikTok‘, since during the pandemic it became one of the most popular on the platform.

As will be remembered, the actress of melodramas like Love in silence, Marisol, Three women, That’s how they are, Triumph of love, True loves, I give you life Y overcome the pastlost his exclusivity contract on the television station in 2019 and fell into a deep depression. According to herself, she told Adele Michaelher self-esteem “fell to the ground”: “The theater rescued me a bit but then I realized that from Monday to Thursday I would get up to drop my son off at school, come back and stay in bed.”

I didn’t want to do anything, I slept. Until I realized and I said this is not right and my friends said to me: ‘you are in total depression’ and I said ‘yes'”.

Erika Buenfil

However, this allowed him to visit other television stations such as Aztec TV and more programs, in addition to being able to contemplate other income opportunities. It was when the pandemic arrived in 2020 that he found what would become one of his most important projects, TikTok. Buenfil took the opportunity to create her own account on the platform, which quickly made her gather millions of followers and catapulted her to fame on social networks.

Now, the actress who had a son (Nicolás, who is her adoration) with the son of the former president Ernesto Zedilloalso had an affair with him then television executive Victor Hugo O’Farrill. However, not in the way that was said (Merle Uribe maintained that he allegedly forced several Televisa actresses to be with him in exchange for being able to work in any production). Buenfil said that he was of legal age, both were single and it was never an exchange for a starring role.

“Yes, I was that man’s girlfriend, but legal. He met me when I was very young, I was 14 years old and I was with my mom morning, noon and night. My mom didn’t let me go and I was spoiled, but I wasn’t on the wrong side. When I had a real relationship, I was almost 30 years old […] and he came to my house like the old one; she came to my house to formally ask to be boyfriends, “said the famous 58-year-old actress some time ago.

Now, the rumored actress would be the mature protagonist of the new telenovela being prepared on Televisa called forgive our sins of Lucero Suarezjoins the today program this Friday, August 19 as a guest host, since she is still absent Andrea Legarretawho left Mexico to undertake some fun vacation with your family. It is unknown until when the main cast of the morning will be back, because in addition to Andrea, it is also missing Raul ‘El Negro’ Araiza.

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