Two murdered in the last hours of Sunday

Juarez City.- Shortly before the end of Sunday, two men were killed in different parts of the city, reported operational personnel from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM).

At 10:59 p.m., police from the Central District went to the streets of Lenguado and Pargo in the La Conquista neighborhood, where they found the lifeless body of an almost 30-year-old man, aboard a red Honda Civic car, with B67 license plates. -SDZ5, reported a SSPM coordinator.

According to the testimony of witnesses to the Police, the attackers were traveling in two closed vans, one white and the other gray, who were following him and after shooting him several times, they escaped when they made sure he was dead.

Minutes later, at 11:05 p.m., police officers from the Central District were notified of a homicide on Guatemala and Ignacio Mejía streets in the Partido Romero neighborhood.

In a house, the body of a man was found with traces of blows in different parts, he also had a white bandage around his neck, according to the report of the preventive agents.

He was wearing only black pants and was left lifeless lying in one of the rooms, where he was found by a friend who went to look for him, as it was revealed.

With these two homicides, it closed on Sunday with five victims, for a total of 10 people killed over the weekend.

There are already 63 people murdered during this month, according to the official figure of the State Prosecutor’s Office in the North Zone.

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