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As we had previously reported, the event Comic Market (Comiket) 100 took place last weekend in Japan, and consists of a convention where manga and anime items are sold, but also where numerous artists sell printed doujinshi (self-published manga) to their most loyal fans. Of course, the most common thing is to sell doujinshi h3ntai, and that is what the author resorted to Bow Ditamaperhaps best known for writing the recently completed work, Kiss x Sis.

And yes, Ditama also resorted to selling doujinshi h3ntai, and what better way to base it on his most recognized work? That’s right, the author of Kiss x Sis was selling a h3ntai doujinshi based on the work, something that is demonstrated when he took a photograph of the cover, which shows the two sisters with a face of ecstasy and bathed in “a peculiar liquid” in addition to the warning “Only for over 18 years”.

The author wrote on Twitter on August 13, the first day of the convention: “We’re almost done settling in! The new book is an 8 page booklet that I collected some of the drafts and stuff from an erotic book of my own commercial work that I originally intended to publish. To be honest, you will regret buying it even if it costs 100 yen… I’m somewhere in the East 2».

And continued: “Come to think of it, it didn’t look too good, so I put a little bit of shading on it. I printed with good vigor, even if there was a bit of excess there, so it should be perfectly fine in the afternoon. No mail order, but a digital version is being considered».

Kiss x Sis

Synopsis for Kiss x Sis

When Keita Suminoe’s father remarried, he not only got a new mother, but also older twin sisters. Different but similar, the homely and mature Ako is the former student council president, while the athletic and aloof Riko is the former discipline president. The three of them have been together since kindergarten, which has led to a deep bond between the new siblings. However, over time, their relationship has turned into something more romantic and erotic. Now in his last year of high school, Keita has already received a sports recommendation, but she is from a different high school than her two sisters.

Disappointed, the two sisters try to change his mind, and he agrees, giving in to their desperate pleas. Unaware of the consequences, he now has to try to study for his high school exams while fending off advances from his lecherous sisters. With the approval of his parents, Ako and Riko strive to be Keita’s future wife, leaving Keita to strive to maintain a strictly platonic relationship between them. However, with two beautiful girls vying for his attention, can Keita resist the endless temptations?

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