“Smoking as punishment”: the simple prescription of a Brazilian doctor that helps to quit smoking

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Conventional smoking cessation treatment is based on a drug called varenicline.

You want to quit smoking? You don’t have to give up this habit overnight. However, every time you light a cigarette, do it standing up, in a secluded place, with no one around, and smoke facing a plain wall.

This is one of the main guidelines given by the cardiologist Jacqueline Scholz smokers who come to the consultation and want to quit smoking.

The specialist is a professor at the University of São Paulo (USP) School of Medicine and directs the Tobacco Addiction Treatment Program of the Instituto do Coração (InCor), also in São Paulo, one of the main and most successful smoker support outpatient clinics in Brazil.

Scholz relates that the idea of ​​creating the technique, called “smoking as punishment“, was born in 2015, during a conversation with a patient.

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