Samuel García presumes that “a lot of water entered” the “La Boca” dam after rains in Nuevo León – El Financiero

After the heavy rains this Friday, the governor of Nuevo Leon, Samuel García, was optimistic because there was indeed a benefit for the Rodrigo Gómez “La Boca” dam.

“Yesterday it rained a lot in the Sierra Madre and a lot of water entered the La Boca dam, I will give you the data later,” García commented in one of his social media stories.

On Friday afternoon there were heavy rains in the citrus zone, mountainous, as well as in Monterrey and the metropolitan area.

“It also rained a lot in Linares, let’s see how much water entered the Cerro Prieto (dam), I hope that with the rains we can soon recover some water from these dams and return to the long-awaited balance point,” he said.

Civil Protection of Nuevo León He indicated that they are awaiting information from Conagua to determine how much water entered the reservoirs whose filling levels are critical.

This Saturday there were also rains in the municipality of Santiago, as well as in outlying municipalities such as Cadereyta, Fishery, Zuazua, Cienega de Flores and others from rural areas.

‘AMLO arrived with cake to Nuevo León’

The governor of Nuevo León reported that there are likely to be intense rains for two weeks, derived from the formation of a weather phenomenon near the region.

Samuel García said that the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He arrived with “cake”, since his visit to Nuevo León coincided with the appearance of this phenomenon.

“The President arrived with cake as they say, he arrived with luck, here the depression is still alive, very close to Monterrey, that is going to cause very good rains”, commented the governor.

“Tomorrow it will rain a lot,” he added.

García Sepúlveda said he was happy with the prognosis and asked the population to take out the umbrella because for two weeks “it will rain a lot,” he said.

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