Ninel Conde raises the temperature with a daring outfit of transparencies: VIDEO

Ninel Count, who is also known as “El Bombón Asesino”, monopolized the attention in social networks during the last hours because showed off her statuesque figure with a spectacular outfit with transparencieswhich made her take dozens of compliments, in addition, allowed her to give a new example of why she is still considered one of the most attractive women in all the show business in Mexico.

It was through his official Instagram profile where “The Killer Bomb” He was sharing all the details of his concert at the fair in Los Angeles, California and that was how his entire makeup and hairstyle process could be seen, in addition, he also shared a video in which he showed that he took the time to attend to the press and when the time comes, Ninel Conde showed off the incredible outfit with transparencies with which she delighted the pupils of her followers.

Ninel Conde’s revealing outfit was about a kind of jumpsuit more than fittedwhich was made with extremely thin fabric so certain transparencies were generated, nevertheless, the endearing “Alma Rey” from “Rebelde” was not in danger of teaching too much since said garment had rhinestone ornaments that prevented it, in addition, she also used a long white trench coat that she used in her favor to cover herself and avoid any type of carelessness.

Although “The Killer Bomb” shared the photos and videos of his presentation through his Instagram stories, the images soon reached different pages managed by his fans where compliments began to rain down on the also actress who will celebrate his 46th birthday next September.

“A whole goddess”, “The authentic chocolate”, “Every day more beautiful”, “How much sensuality” and “Perfection made a woman” These are some of the compliments that Ninel Conde received thanks to her spectacular outfit. It is worth mentioning that, throughout her show, the attractive singer also resorted to other changes of clothes because she also wore a mini dress and even she wore a typical Mexican costume.


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From the beach, Ninel Conde paralyzes the networks with a daring bikini: PHOTO

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