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Mikel ArriolaCEO of the MX Leaguetalked with halftime of the imminent sale of the Querétaro clubwhich was made available after the Violent acts between fans of the Gallos and Atlas in the stands of The corrector the previous tournament.

Given this, the Mexican leader explained that in Liga MX are open to national or foreign investmentas is currently the case in clubs like Juarez FC Y Necaxa or even in the Expansion League, with the Cancun F.C..

Foreign investment will always seem to me to be a very positive fact. What the League has to do is make the decision-making process transparent, that the income and expenses of the teams continue to be made transparent, as we have done with the economic controland a very clear reaction of economic control in Expansión has been the foreign investment from an American fund in the Cancun team.

The executive added: “Then you have foreign investment in the Necaxa team; it is not majority, but it is considerable and that is recent. Later you have Spanish foreign investment in San Luis and you have American investment in Ciudad de Juárez. I believe that the best way to approach resolving the Querétaro issue is open that offer to the Mexican who wants to be in Querétaro or the American who wants to be in QuerétaroThat process is going well.”

In addition, the president of Liga MX He explained that some modifications had to be made to the put up for sale in Querétaroas in the first instance a deadline had been imposedwhich was only causing the economic devaluation of the clubso they retracted and today owners are no longer against the clock to get rid of the club.

“What happened in Querétaro (violent acts) and unprecedented measures were taken, the board of directors was expelled and the sale of the equipment was ordered with a peremptory term; later we realized that what was happening with a peremptory term: that the value of the club was being artificially reduced and the League cannot allow it to be reduced the value of teams.

Therefore, Arriola explained that “in the last Assembly we eliminated that provision, of putting a peremptory term on it, and the current directive is the one that is negotiating the sale of Querétaro; surely you will have a bidder who can enter the prices that a Mexican soccer club really represents and not artificially low.

How is the Fan ID issue going in Liga MX?

Mikel Arriola announced that Mexican soccer is only waiting for the National Institute of Transparency (INAI) allow the use of information from fans, to start the Fan ID in Liga MX Stadiumsan instrument that -he explained- could already be working, but they are law-abiding and they are waiting for the green light.

“After the credentialing (of the bars), what came was to design the Fan ID tool with the help of the Mexican Soccer Federation, was instructed by the Assembly, and This is already technically determined and we have already detailed the implementation aspects with all the clubs.but we have an authority, which is an autonomous constitutional body, called INAI (National Institute of Transparency) that you have to certify that this will not violate any rightand I made the decision to wait for that implementation until this authority gave a ruling.

Before which, the director explained that they are complying with the legal processes and “we will respect themas soon as that ruling is given, we are going to implement it, because this is something that is not from this season, It is something that is going to change the face of Mexican soccerbecause Mexicans are going to have a permanent identification, so they know they are safe in the stadiums“.

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