Woman denounces alleged stalker who took photos of her under her dress in Celaya

A woman denounced on her social networks that she was a victim of sexual harassment since a man followed her and photographed under her dress before and after entering the municipal presidential Celaya, Guanajuato.

According to the complaint, the events occurred on August 9, when the young woman pointed out that a person warned her that a subject had taken photos of her under her dress.

“Today in municipal presidency in Celaya, Guanajuato a man was following me and took pictures under my dress on multiple occasions. I hadn’t noticed until someone noticed and I was informed and I ran after him with other people who helped me, I couldn’t stop him, he ran away”.

In the videos that the woman shared, it is observed that a man with glasses, a blue sweatshirt and denim pants, allegedly follows her since before entering the Municipal Palace of Celaya.

It is also observed that the subject goes after the young woman when she goes up the stairs at two different points. In one of the shots of her, the subject apparently talks on the phone, but as soon as the woman passes him, he stands behind her and apparently places her cell phone under her dress.


The woman points out that thanks to security videos from the municipality, she detected that the subject followed her through various areas of the municipal palace.

“It seems too explicit how he takes multiple pictures of me. I have already made the complaint but I do not want this to remain as a simple complaint more “.

After asking for help and making the corresponding complaint, she expressed on her networks that she feels “angry, disappointed and tired of being a woman.”

“Help me find this DEPRAVED in the presidency in CELAYA GTO”.

It would not be the first time

One day after the complaint, the young woman posted that apparently it is not the first time that the subject harasses and photographs women within the municipality and shares the material in social network groups.

So far, the authorities of the municipality or the state have not ruled on the matter despite the fact that the events occurred inside one of their facilities.

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