Vet Day in Mexico

“Medicine heals man, veterinary Medicine heal mankind.”

Louis Pasteur

On August 17, Mexico celebrates the Veterinary Doctor’s Day Zootechnician, date to recognize the professional and human work of those who dedicate themselves to the veterinary Medicine with the firm purpose of preserving the life of animal species and contributing to improving the quality of life of society. 169 years ago, on August 17, 1853, the first veterinary school in Latin America was founded in Mexico, a date that served as a historical reference to institute in our country the Veterinary Doctor’s Day.

The veterinary Medicine It is part of society as an important piece, carrying out various functions in the development, care and protection of animal health and public welfare. The important link that exists between animal diseases and public health must be pointed out and framed, hence the importance of veterinary Medicine zootechnician for the prevention and control of diseases.

Animal husbandry veterinarians identify, care for, control and prevent diseases of cattle, pigs, birds, sheep, goats, rabbits, bees, horses and zoo animals, and pets in family homes.

The field of influence of veterinarians is very broad, and it is not only linked to the health of our pets or to the care of the various types of existing livestock. Veterinary doctors have in their hands the responsibility of designing strategies and campaigns to prevent diseases that animals transmit to humans, such as rabies or brucellosis, for example.

The veterinarian can focus on the area of ​​research to create new vaccines, embryo transfer and in the food sector, which is currently essential to meet the needs of human consumption in the present and that of future generations.

Also noteworthy is the growing influence of veterinary Medicine in the field of species conservation, which implies its contribution to the preservation of countless vital species for human subsistence or others that suffer from the neglect of our own species; it is relevant in activities such as monitoring, captive breeding, rehabilitation, reintroduction into the wild and subsequent monitoring of species, thereby helping to protect the biological balance of nature.

The Zootechnician Veterinary Doctorhas the natural vocation to preserve life, they tend by will and love for their profession to remain available to attend to the situation that arises.

Our sincere congratulations to the veterinarians of Veracruz and Mexico and the urge that, in the privilege of exercising their profession, they continue to carry out this great social work.

Happy Veterinary Doctor’s Day Zootechnist!



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