The Distroller world of “Amparín Serrano” was born baking dishes with his “virgencita plis” and fell in love with America

Last Friday night the gaming world dressed in mourning with the announcement of Amparo’s death Serrano known as “Amparín”one of the most creative Mexican businesswomen in Latin America for her colorful and striking brand distributor.

Amparín Serrano would have made himself known in the entertainment world for his participation in the custard groupbut this participation did not last long, so he decided to finish his Design degree at Universidad Anáhuac.

In an interview with EnCasaDeMara, Amparín explained that the Distroller brand emerged when he was 7 years old and made drawings on the walls of his room.

“It all started at 7 years old, my parents let me paint the walls of my room, it was like living without rules, when I entered school at 11 years old, I was literally an ‘ass’, I studied a lot and did not pass, then what I did was start drawing caricatures and my first caricature was one called Yuri Gagarin, and already in a professional plan I made Dr. Chuy”, he indicated.

Amparín explained that when she met her husband she went to live in New York, where she attended a pottery workshop and began to paint different plates.

“The owner told me to please let her take out my crockery in a magazine called The Beautiful House, and I told myself it might be a good idea, so I bought my own oven, arrived in Mexico and started cooking. make dishes”said.

“For me everything is a world of cartoons”

One of the works that made Amparin known was his unique design of the Virgin of Guadalupe, better known as “Virgin Plis”, which illustrated everything from notebooks to clothing and accessories.

“As I was making the dishes and had already bought my oven, I remember it was a friend’s baptism and she told me -hey, I want you to make me some dishes for my daughter’s baptism- and there it lent itself a lot to me putting the Virgin and that is where it started”.

“I do not know how to do anything other than caricatures, I would never have been able to do the virgin as she is, but for me everything is a world of caricatures and when I do it I realize that it starts to go super well for me,” he added. .

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Due to his great creativity and imagination, it was in 2006 that the distributor’s brand became popular and began to expand with its distinguished toys known as: neonates, Kasimeritos, follow, Foamantis, KKito, mikromeritos, aguameritos Y Volameritos.

In addition to having completely original names and a wide variety of characters, their designs and toys have been characterized by their large heads, as well as their fun colors and names related to food such as: Chamoy, Mole, Birria, Chimichanga, among others.

Its popularization has been such that it has reached different countries such as: Colombia, Chile, Spain, Peru, Argentina and the United States.

Distroller has marked the childhood of millions of girls who have dedicated themselves to preserving and collecting various characters of the brand.

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Such is the case of Sofisparkle, an American youtuber who started her Distroller collection two years ago, where she managed to have about 47 kasimeritosof which some are from the first generation.

Through her YouTube account, the young woman indicated that she has both dolls and stuffed animals.

But Sofi is not the only influencer who has started this collection, girls and some teenagers have shared their collections that cover more than 20 kasimeritos.

Distroller is has become a legacy of Mexican brands that has marked the childhood of millions of girls both in Mexico and in Latin America.

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