Request donations for injured delivery man

Juarez City.- Carlos Holguín Peña, a platform food distributor, was injured when he received two bullets in the legs during the attack perpetrated against employees of a radio station and a pizzeria, located in the parking area of ​​a shopping center on Ejército Nacional avenue. last Thursday.

Carlos was waiting for the food that he would deliver at home when the shots began to be heard; According to the images released, he was one of the people who fell to the ground when the shooting began and two more people were injured.

Four employees of the Mega Radio company died at the scene: the announcer Allan González, Lino Flores, from the Promotions area; Operations Manager Armando Guerrero and Bodyguard Alex Arriaga, who were in the Little Caesar’s parking lot on a remote for Switch 105.9.

Carlos could not dodge the shots because he was a person with hearing and oral disabilities, just like the mother of his two daughters.

Friends and relatives of both request the support of citizens to support the family while the father reestablishes himself and the mother helps him in his recovery.

Unaware of Ceave care

Carlos and his wife have not sought the support of the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims of the State of Chihuahua (Ceave) because they are unaware of this area of ​​the Government, explained the relatives interviewed.

Since last Friday, people close to the Holguín family have agreed to give them financial aid, since their income depends entirely on their work as delivery men, said a sister-in-law of Carlos, who requested that her identity be kept confidential.

The money, he said, is so that they can support themselves while he recovers, since he will be incapacitated for a long time due to injuries and they will need food, pay for services, a house and the girls’ school, he added.

supportive companions

The cooperation that arose at the initiative of the administrator of a local platform delivery page has the sole purpose of showing solidarity with the victims and not for profit.

David Garza Tovar, the delivery man who promotes this support for Carlos, said that there have been people seeking to take advantage of the Holguín family’s tragedy financially for their personal benefit, for which he urged citizens to deposit only in the bank account created by the injured.

The number is 4213 1661 5889 3291 from HSBC bank.

Yesterday, the spokeswoman for the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), Sahira Castro, was questioned about the support that the institution is providing to those injured by Ceave, seven of them unrelated to the Cereso 3 mutiny.

“The FGE has provided comprehensive care through the Executive Commission for Victim Care, in which accompaniment to indirect victims, psychological support and crisis containment, support for funeral expenses, orientation and legal advice stand out,” he said.

–Will they cover the medical expenses?– She was asked, but the public servant did not answer.

Only account for the benefit of Carlos

4213 1661 5889 3291

Bank: HSBC

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