Medical society announces first course on general medicine in Torreón

The Medical Society of the “Dr. Joaquín del Valle Sánchez” University Hospital in Torreón announced yesterday the first annual General Medicine Update course that will take place on September 23 and 24 in the auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Coahuila in this city and has curricular value.

The course is aimed at general practitioners and family members, students and staff from the Nursing area and the inauguration is expected to be visited by the rector of the UA de C, Salvador Hernández, as well as the Secretary of Health of Coahuila, Roberto Bernal; the director of the Faculty of Medicine, Salvador Chavarría; and the general director of the University Hospital, Mario Alanís.

In the course there will be 30 speakers who will address topics such as Ischemic Heart Disease; Gastroesophageal reflux disease; DM II “Are the newer treatments better?”; Eclampsia and Preeclampsia; SDX Polycystic Ovary; Human Papillomavirus and CaCu (cervical cancer), obstetric ultrasound and current overview of drug use in the Comarca Lagunera.

Topics such as minimally invasive surgery in oncological procedures are also considered; Bariatric Surgery; Surgical treatment of the most common congenital heart diseases; Principles and Precautions in the use of Bisphosphonates.

Also Emergencies in OFT; Immunodeficiencies in children, current concepts; Current management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Endoscopy in children, experience in UMAE No. 71 of Torreón, Coahuila; Pediatric bone tumors; family dysfunction; Care of the elderly and Sudden deafness, an underdiagnosed emergency.

Registration is open and there are special prices valid until August 31 of this year. For students the cost of the course is 300 pesos and for doctors it has a price of 600 pesos. After the aforementioned date, the course for students will have a value of 400 pesos and for doctors it will be 700 pesos.

Registration can be done with Dr. Georgina Serna García on the phone 8711375323 or go to Morelos Street No. 900 East of the Centro neighborhood in this municipality of Torreón.

Doctors Luis Arteaga Haro, Rosa María Núñez Adame, Luis Ricardo Chávez Pacheco and Aída Elena Vié Alférez were present at the presentation of the course.

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