La Jornada – Criminals spread terror against civilians on the northern border

The criminal acts of the group The Mexicansone of the armed arms of New people, part of the Sinaloa cartel, continued this Friday in Ciudad Juárez; At dawn, two trucks transporting factory employees were set on fire in the Finca Bonita and Valle de Oriente neighborhoods. In addition, for the safety of their employees, yesterday around 20 percent of 320 maquiladoras did not work to protect employees and managers.

All the convenience stores such as Oxxo, Circulo K and local companies did not open. Likewise, 90 percent of the business closed, only commercial chains such as Smart, Soriana and Walmart opened; but in general, hardware stores, veterinarians, private clinics, restaurants, taverns, street stalls and others did not do so for fear of an attack.

The 860 radio station, the main one of the Mega Radio group and the one with the largest audience, canceled its broadcasts in protest at the murder of its four employees and paid tribute to them. Juarenses declared a curfew and on Friday morning vehicular and truck traffic decreased for fear of violence.

The parents did not allow the children to leave their houses. Estefany, who early took her two children to the Coronado school in El Paso, Texas, said: “I am afraid,” and recalled that she, as a US citizen of Latino origin, receives messages not to visit Juárez; “But I live here with my family, so I must pray and entrust myself to God.”

A Mega Radio employee and survivor of the attack communicated live and through Facebook Live: “For those who are calling and sharing this, we inform you that we did have losses: Allan González lost his life, Lino too, as well as Armando, from advertising, and Arriaga (sic), I feel very bad and I was in this remote too, ”he explained live, with tears and a broken voice.

In another testimony, Adriana, a friend of one of the employees of the Rapiditos Bip-Bip store that criminals set on fire, confirmed that the majority of merchants in the Infonavit Juárez Nuevo neighborhood closed this Friday. “We are afraid, this was like a ghost town.”

For their part, residents of Manuel Clouthier Street, witnesses to the burning of an Oxxo, where two women died, expressed their concern about this type of event through the Jilotepec Juárez page.

A woman identified as Lourdes commented on WhatsApp: “I’m still scared to death, they were on my roof and gunshots were heard, God protect us. I hear as if they are on the roof and my dogs are barking and barking, but I don’t even want to look out.”

AMLO: “aggression against civilians, unprecedented; I hope it doesn’t happen again”

Regarding the facts, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that “an attack on the “innocent civilian population, a kind of retaliation” had not occurred and hopefully it will not be repeated, such as the one that took place on Thursday in Ciudad Juárez. In his morning conference at the National Palace he said that the attacks against civilians “is the most unfortunate thing about this matter.”

Because among the people killed there are four workers from the Switch FM station, who were carrying out a remote control in a pizzeria, the Mechanism for the Protection of Journalists and Human Rights Defenders undertook the appropriate actions.

(With information from Arturo Sánchez Jiménez and Emir Olivares)

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