Álvaro Morales asks Andrés Lillini to resign


The UNAM Cougars fell spectacularly before the Eagles of America during the Capital Classic of this Saturday. So that Alvaro Moralesone of the main detractors of the university students, did not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to destroy the team and even request the departure of Andrés Lillini whom, supposedly, they would replace with the Tuca Ferrettiaccording to the ESPN analyst.

Tuca Ferretti to the Pumas?

Alvaro Morales began by highlighting the fact that he had previously stated that Pumas would not be able to beat America, since he reviewed the Liga MX calendar. He highlighted the fact that the America I would beat him today FC Barcelona that humiliated Pumas 6-0.

“East America is the father of Cougars and they are his little ones. Daniel AlvesUnfortunately today, this legend It is no longer Dani Alves, it is “No one Alves”. It’s good that Toto Salvio hasn’t been injured, we don’t wish evil on this injury machine. Toto Salvio has shown absolutely nothing“, expressed Álvaro Morales in social networks.

The ESPN analyst shared that from his point of view, the CU team is a team that has no criticism and which “is pampered.” Morales sentenced saying that Pumas is a team “of mediocre and for mediocre, of losers and for losers”. Foreshadowing also that the America club goes straight to get his fourteenth title of MX League.

Mr Lilliniresign, before the doctor Miguel Mejia Baron bring the tuka ferrettYo. I say it because I heard something, I found out about something, I say it because I know something. Mr. Lillini resign before Mejía Barón brings in Tuca. This team doesn’t know how to pass the ball, they don’t know how to recover it, they don’t know how to press, you are to blame. But more guilty are all those ignorant who said this team was going to be at the top.

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