This is Bad Bunny’s first restaurant in Miami

  • Bad Bunny has investments in sectors such as sports, jewelry and the restaurant sector.

  • ‘Gekko’ is the name of Bad Bunny’s first restaurant in Miami.

  • The artist teamed up with tycoon David Grutman to bring ‘Gekko’ to life.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as bad bunny, is a rapper and composer of Puerto Rican origin, who today is considered one of the main artists and has achieved international fame, thanks to the boom of Latin genres within the musical preference in recent years, an aspect that has allowed to generate a large fortune; however, now the musician, chose to expand his portfolio of successes with the launch of his first restaurant in Miami.

The Puerto Rican has gained international fame thanks to songs like “Me Porto Bonito”, “Andrea y Diles”, songs that have led to a fortune of more than 18 million dollars, in accordance with what was indicated by Celebrity Net Worth, figure that rivals the singer Maluma, who is estimated to have a fortune valued at just over 12 million dollars today.

It is worth mentioning that the Puerto Rican’s fortune not only comes from successful concert tours and sold albums, but also from collaborations and investment in various businesses such as: music, collaboration with crocscolaboration with Adidasworld tour, the “Cangrejeros de Santurce” baseball team, the December 29 Jewelry, acting participations, royalties, Lucha Libre and more recently your new restaurant ‘Gekko’, that it is the result of an alliance forged by Bad Bunny with the renowned businessman David Grutman, who is considered the “King of nightlife in Miami”.

This is Bad Bunny’s first restaurant in Miami

After your tour’World’s Hottest Tour’, in the United States, which began on August 5, and its leading role in the film “Bullet Train”, Bad Bunny does not stop announcing successes, since in the last few hours his first restaurant ‘Gekko’ was opened in Miami.

According to what has been revealed, the interpreter of ‘And if I see your mother’ was associated with the tycoon David Grutman, to bring to life a luxury Japanese steakhouse. ‘Gekko’ is Bad Bunny’s first restaurant; however, Grutman, who directs Groot Hospitality, It already has various associations within this sector, with artists such as Pharrell Williams, for the creation of Swan, Strawberry Moon.

According to what has been seen during the opening ceremony of the restaurant, it will offer a haute cuisine experience, as shown on its Instagram page, where new versions of the original Asian food recipes are shown. , prime cuts and Wagyu beef with a touch of Korean barbecue, among a few other diverse dishes.

Among the famous there is a trend for the opening of Asian food restaurants, which will continue in the first years, as shown by the first restaurant of the interpreter of ‘Después de la Playa’, an investment that shows fans of his music and haute cuisine, as well as the importance of growing in various sectors.

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