The love of Pedro Infante that could not be with this actress of the Cine de Oro

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Although his biographers and close people claimed that Pedro Infante was not a “happy eye” man and that he was focused on his wife and family, the facts are very different. Because of this, we now present to you the love of the “Idol of Guamúchil” that could not be with this actress from the Cine de Oro.

On some occasion we shared with you how it was that Elsa Aguirre slapped the ranchera music singer, because he took advantage of his situation and planted a kiss on him without his consent. It was precisely this actress who never gave in to the charms of the “School of Vagabonds” actor.

Pedro Infante had a very peculiar modus operandi with women, since he used to look for them who were minors and who needed some kind of financial support; this caused some to be deceived by the actor, as happened with the dancer Guadalupe Torrentera, a young dancer who was only 15 years old.

He was still married to María Luisa León Rosas when he began courting the teenager, shortly after divorcing they had three children. But at no time did this prevent him from engaging in some extramarital affairs, like the ones he tried with Elsa Aguirre.

Pedro Infante

However, true to his role and his ideals, Aguirre did not allow the famous singer’s flirtations to prosper, so he put a stop to it.

What did Elsa Aguirre think about the love that Pedro Infante felt for her?

In the memoirs of the actress who is currently 91 years old and remains as beautiful as in the golden age of Mexican cinema, she commented that despite the fact that several gallants of the time tried to conquer her, she preferred not to give anything to talk about or become part of of the controversy.

“As they were idols and well-known people, it represented something very important for me. I was a person awakening to life and I think I sometimes went to the studios more to see Pedro Infante than for my work,” Elsa Aguirre said of the attention by Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante.

Elsa Aguirre

“Yes, there was a chemistry there, but at that time he was married, there was no opportunity to transmit that, it was completely prohibited,” the beautiful actress stressed about Infante.

Although Pedro Infante was a true conqueror, Elsa Aguirre never gave her arm to twist and preferred to be one of the loves that could not be.

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