The Atlas footballer managed to combine her two great passions

Since I was a little girl, Zellyka Maple It was clear that she wanted to be a doctor. Although the path was not easy, she managed to organize herself to be able to mix her studies with soccer. During this process, she had the support of the club and her family to achieve her dream.

“Honestly, I don’t remember any other career I’ve been interested in since I my mom took me to my pediatrician I told her: I want to be a doctor. It happened to me that my maternal grandmother had an illness, I had to live that process with her, with my family, not understanding and that misinformation that one has when one is not close to the middle of the health sciences. There I said mom, dad, if she was already sure, now I am very sure, I want to study medicine, I want to be a doctor, ”Zellyka commented.

During this process, Zellyka confessed that there were times when she cried and even felt mentally exhausted. Despite this, she never thought of giving up the two passions of hers: “It never crossed my mind to give up eitherOf course there were days when I really couldn’t take it anymore, honestly there were times when I said I can’t, I’m tired, I’m mentally exhausted, there were many times when to be honest I cried, and I cried because it had been a bad day in football out there a bad result and I knew I had to go to the hospital, that I had a guard, that I had to be there 24 hoursit was difficult to control the emotional part, the tiredness part, but deep down I was always sure that I had to finish both things”.

Arce was able to tie his two great passions in life

In order to complete your Bachelor’s degree as a surgeon and midwifethe Mexican found motivation in her parents, in addition to having the support of the club: “The motivation, well, the truth is, my parents, they are always happy that I have chosen that career, but without their support, the truth is that I would not have been able to finish The truth is that I am a faithful believer that goals cannot be achieved by walking alone and now I can tell you that I had a lot of support from the club and from the residents of the hospital where I was in this last stage”.


The soccer player will participate in the Clásico Tapatío

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