Showbiz shock: Children of Britney Spears would not want to see the singer for this reason

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Los Angeles United States.- Yesterday, Thursday, August 11, the so-called Princess of pop, Britney Spears found herself in the eye of the hurricane, after her ex-husband, kevin federiline exhibit part of her intimate life and publish some videos on Instagramwhere the ex-star is seen Disney scolding his sons. After this situation, a person close to the dancer granted a interview to an American media outlet, where he revealed the reasons why he exposed the famous woman.

As many will know, Kevin’s relationship with the singer of ‘circus‘, ‘Baby One More Time‘ Y ‘If u seek Amy‘, they don’t have a good relationship and it is, in fact, Federiline who has custody of their children, Jayden Y Sean Prestonwho have refused to see their mother for a few months and were even conspicuous by their absence during the wedding of the singer with the American actor and model Sam Asghari28 years old.

Children of Britney Spears today

According to information from the source close to Kevin, his intention in publishing the videos of the also actress was to remind people that Britney is dealing with mental problems, since he considers that “everyone” ignores this fact. The person (who wished to remain anonymous) also revealed that the reason the ex-partner’s children had chosen not to attend her mother’s wedding was because they were upset with her.

Kevin posted the videos, but he wasn’t trying to make her (Britney) look evil or bad, but rather (he wanted to) remind people that he legitimately has a Mental illness and that they (Federiline and her children) worry that it is not controlled.

Britney Spears and her children when they were little

For his part, Kevin revealed to a British medium that his children love Spears; however they are upset with her and this could be related to the daring Photographs that the singer published through her official account Instagramwhere he was seen showing more, this speculation arises from Federiline’s own statement, where he stated that it was difficult for him to explain to his children, who attend high school, Britney’s motivations for doing this kind of thing.

Look, maybe that’s his way of expressing himself, but it doesn’t take away from the fact of what he does to them (to his children). It’s hard. I can’t imagine how it feels to be a teenager who has to go to school. high school.

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